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Today I saw a white feather floating down over my head in Times Square.   Anyone who has visited New York, knows that this area is full of people and usually very loud, crazy and more than a little dirty! (…especially in the summertime)   It was such a magical moment and I took a mini-break from my busy day to observe its presence.

When I see a feather, it makes me think that someone above is watching over me and always brings a smile to my face knowing that I’m not alone in any given moment.  It’s easy to become so absorbed in our days and lives, that we never look up to see the beauty and magic in the world.  Nature is always communicating with us, reminding us that we are connected to each other, as well as, a higher source of guidance.  Feathers can remind to you be “light” in your heart and to see the “light” in your everyday surroundings.

Practice the art of being “light as a feather” in your day, see what happens to your own heart. ♥  

I’ve been reading this book about the soul and consciousness… I’m not sure why I even picked this book to read, maybe it picked me!   In any case, I’m engrossed in these pages and I’m stuck on a particular segment of the book.  It’s about the heart, that beautiful piece of anatomy that keeps us alive and holds our emotions.  What does it mean to live with an open heart?

Did you notice that your heart can’t lie?  For me, my heart holds truth.  My mind, that’s another matter.  I am a master at justifying a decision or thought.  I can provide logic, relevant examples, scientific findings, you name it.  The more detail the better.   However, if I quiet my mind and run the event or decision past my heart, the truth of the matter is evident.  There can be no other argument.  The heart has final say and is always on target.

So, knowing how valuable the heart is as a tool in life, why would we ever close it?  Because it houses emotions and they are often extremely painful.  You know this to be true.  Some of life’s events are so gut wrenching.  The heart literally bleeds with pain and sorrow.  Other times, its joy and happiness we experience.  These emotions are just as strong, but they are positive. Whatever the event or situation, the feelings are originating from the heart.

For me, living with an open heart means allowing all this feeling to flow and not holding good feelings or denying bad ones.  Just being with the feelings, letting them take space, expand, explode, trickle down, whatever!  The more I try to hold or deny the feeling, the more cut off I am from my beautiful, truthful heart.  She’s my biggest ally in life.  She is a well to my deepest source of energy.   I’m grateful for the opportunity to practice living with my heart open each day.

How about you?  What does it mean to live with an open heart for you?  ♥

Yesterday, I spent the entire afternoon at one of my favorite places in the world…  the BEACH!  It was just a beautiful day.  There was a slight breeze, the water was warm and crystal clear, the sky was blue, the waves were gentle…  You can visualize the day, right?  It was heaven on earth.

When I spend time at the beach, I always observe the beauty that is evident all around me.  Yesterday, I became engrossed with picking up beach rocks, not shells, the rocks!  What a day it was for my search.  I found so much variety.  There were all shapes, sizes, colors, textures, you name it.  Each one was more beautiful than the next.  While some were pure in color, they had beautiful shapes.  Others were expertly colored and textured.  The sizes ranged from tiny to enormous… can you see where I’m going with this?

As I walked along picking them up for my collection, I was struck by how much these rocks reminded me of people.  Each one was so unique and a complete masterpiece, just the way people are.  Mother Nature has the most diverse palette and she paints each of us expertly.  It’s our job to recognize uniqueness and beauty in each other. 

Try looking at your brothers and sisters of the world with a different lens.  Can you see the masterpiece in front of you?  Acknowledge them with wonder and love. ♥ 

I read this great quote the other day about influence, “the key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority”, by Kenneth Blanchard.  It is a thought provoking quote.  I’m assuming the author is speaking of business relationships, but what about your personal circle of influence?

My wheels are turning at this thought…  Webster’s defines the verb form of influence as:  the power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways.  What I like about this definition is the use of the word intangible.  It’s not something we can touch, but it effects us just the same.  So many things influence us in our daily lives.  Imagine writing down every possible way we are influenced throughout our day.  I think you would need a lot of paper!

There are both good and bad influences.  Most importantly, people are influencers.  The people you surround yourself with can change you and it’s not always positive or apparent immediately.  It can be cumulatively destructive.

I like to surround myself with people who are better than me, not in the material sense, but the spiritual sense.  They carry good energy.  I can learn from them and they influence me, just by being themselves in the world.  I have grown so much in my life by having them around and I am grateful for their gift of friendship and love.

Think about your circle of influence.  How do you influence others?  How are you influenced?  Make your circle a beautiful ball of light that is both lifting and lifted in your world. ♥

This a line from Lifetime, by the artist Maxwell.  He’s got the most soothing voice, honestly, he could sing the phone book and I would like it!  Every time I hear this song, that phrase catches my attention.  Love is not a fairy tale in a melody…

The words themselves are very beautiful, because they are so honest.  They speak directly to the concept a lot of us have that love is a fairy tale.  Most of us are raised reading fairy tales as bed time stories.  There is always a prince charming or princess of some kind.  There is usually a tragedy involved, and some how the prince comes to rescue the princess.  All the while, there are birds chirping and flowers blooming, amidst a sweet melody in the background.  It’s no wonder our concept of love is sorely tested when it actually appears in our real life.

Real life love is lot more rigorous and it requires an effort.  It comes in disguise and often times is discovered, rather than just apparent.  It has shadows and dark places that push boundaries.  It makes you weak and strong at the same time.  Living a life in love is probably the hardest job any of us will ever have, but it’s so worth it….  Love is the greatest gift we can give or receive,  just like the words of a beautiful melody. ♥

Ok, I’m referring to the Superman series here…  You know, Superman had one weakness that made his SUPER powers disappear, it was Kryptonite.  Presented with this dreaded substance, he became weak and vulnerable, just like the rest of us humans.

Falling in love is a bit like meeting a personal form of Kryptonite.   I know you are laughing right now.  Kryptonite is the enemy, right?  Think about it,  when you fall in love, you come up against something that makes you weak, you allow yourself to become vulnerable.  You do things that you normally wouldn’t.   You find yourself in all kinds of new and sometimes strange situations.  Vulnerability is a key ingredient in the game of love, without it you stay in your SUPER human and protected form.  When you are willing to be vulnerable, you begin to share your world with someone, and that’s how love grows.

What if the “dreaded” kryptonite is exactly what is required to fall in love?  It seems impossible to think that something so feared might actually bring you love.  Take some time to process this.  What does your personal kryptonite look like?  Is it a feeling, a physical attribute, a personality trait?  How does it render you weak?

Next time you are faced with kryptonite, reach for it…♥

Since we just went through another Valentine’s Day, I wanted to spend a little time talking about love.  I mean, this holiday can really mess with your head.  I had to laugh as I watched all these men scramble, last-minute after work on Valentine’s Day to show up with some token of love for their women.  It seems that Valentine’s Day is more a financial business than a love business.

I started to think about what love really is and how we express it.  Believe me, it doesn’t come from a certain number of dates with the right boyfriend, a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates.  Love is magic.  The love I’m talking about happens in an instant.  It can’t be manufactured or manipulated, it just happens.  

So, with all of the hoopla around Valentine’s Day, we often miss the magic of love.  This magic is the energy that passes between two people either intentionally or by chance.  Once you catch that feeling, that look, that touch, you are hooked.  You are enveloped by the magic of the other person and you know your life is never going to be the same.  You know what else… this love happens every day, not just on Valentine’s Day.  ♥

Why not keep an eye out for the magic of love in your everyday life?  

Celebrity status and culture are an obsession of many people around the world.  We love to see the photos and “tweets” of these stars.  We cheer with them when they succeed, cry with them when they fail, and laugh at their escapades.  Their larger than life status removes us from what we consider the “everydayness” of our own lives.  We imagine our lives in a celebrity way…  What about the celebrity that lives inside us right now?

After much observation and experience, I’ve decided that we are all celebrities inside.  It is our work in life to uncover and polish the star that is inside us.  It’s like polishing your favorite shoes.   When you take your shoes to be repaired and shined,  you recognize that once they were brand spanking new, but are now showing some wear.  They have gotten you through a job interview, a rain storm, your dog, and the sidewalks of your life.  So, you polish them, bringing out the beauty that is still there, but needs uncovering.  Over time, these shoes become extraordinary!  They carry the beauty marks of your journey and each polishing reveals a little more character.

So it is with your star.  In the beginning it is so bright!  I mean really people, celebrity status!  As you grow and begin to travel on your path, your light might be dimmed.  Just keep polishing and repairing it over time, with love and patience.  Soon, that gorgeous celebrity that is living inside you will emerge brighter than ever. ♥

Christmas time is here
Happiness and cheer
Fun for all that children call
Their favorite time of the year

Snowflakes in the air
Carols everywhere
Olden times and ancient rhymes
Of love and dreams to share

Sleigh bells in the air
Beauty everywhere
Yuletide by the fireside
And joyful memories there

Christmas time is here
We’ll be drawing near
Oh, that we could always see
Such spirit through the year
Oh, that we could always see
Such spirit through the year…

This is hands down my favorite song during Christmas.  I remember so fondly watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special as a girl.  The scene with the little tree made me cry EVERY time!  To this day, I feel the need to adopt all the little trees that no one else chooses, but there is a lesson to be learned from the little tree.

In the show, the little tree is looking so bleak that the gang thinks Christmas will surely be a flop.  However, it comes to life when it is decorated by the group and showered with all their good wishes for the season.   It’s a symbol of the spirit and enthusiasm they have for the season…just as the fellowship and good tidings we share with each other are what makes a holiday special.  “Oh that we could always see such spirit through the year”.  Carry a little holiday spirit with you into the new year and count your blessings as the true gifts of the season! ♥

I was riding in a taxi the other morning, before the rush hour.  I decided to get an early start on my day so I could get my coffee time in before the craziness ensued.  I entered a cab in downtown Manhattan, near canal street.  (you know, where they sell the great knock off handbags!)  I was headed to midtown, where my first client is located.  I was in a grumpy mood.  I don’t know how I manage to wake up grumpy, but this was my mental state.

The driver began talking to me and I thought, oh geez, do I really have to engage with this man.  I just want to sit in this cab and sulk in my grumpiness and arrive at my destination.  He was really so charming and he began to tell me funny stories about New York city drivers.  I drive in the city quite a bit, so I was able to appreciate and enjoy his stories.  He had me laughing by the end of the ride and smiling.  This is when something quite unexpected happened.  I was getting ready to pay and he turned to me and said, “this ride is free today”.  The fare for this ride was $15.  I have lived in New York for 17 years, not one time has any driver ever offered a free ride!

I was really moved by his gift.  He was a simple man.  He was just starting his day and I know how hard these drivers have to work to make their money for the day.  This man was rich in spirit, that’s why he was able to give so freely this gift.  He taught me a lesson that day.  He showed me how important it is to recognize your fellow-man and to offer them gifts, as if they were a part of your own family.  It’s a universal love we can show for each other.  It makes us rich.  ♥

How are you going to share gifts with your fellow man?  

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