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You know sometimes in your life everything seems to fall into place?  You are just witnessing the events and following the chain. It seems as though all is right in the world.  This is called Flow.  Flow is like being in a river, moving with the water, it feels effortless.  I love going with the flow…

What about the times in life when ITS NOT FLOWING?  You know, you’re stuck.  You are in a rut and every best effort you put forward leads to a brick wall.  I have had my share of “no flow”.  It’s frustrating!  How do you rediscover your flow?  Honestly, it’s a mystery to me.

The most important thing to remember when you are out of flow, is to keep trying… try EVERYTHING.  Say yes, to all kinds of invitations, opportunities, people, jobs, and events that you would otherwise decline.  It’s possible that the flow you are looking for is with you already, but you are looking in the opposite direction.  Look around, change the glasses you’ve been wearing to examine your situation and your  world.  Be aware of what’s new in your old situation.  You’ve got to have faith that flow will return to you.

Wait and see… being open to the new, might just drop you right back into that flowing river! ♥

I’ve been watching Seabiscuit on HBO.  Let’s just say I’ve seen this movie a lot!  The horse is born to be a thoroughbred, but along the way, is categorized as “less than”.  Over time he is trained to lose races to give other, more promising horses some confidence from the win.  He is eventually picked up by an unlikely owner, trainer, and jockey  and given an opportunity to regain his lost magic.   Once he is given the attention and training he deserves, he begins to win races and reclaim his thoroughbred status.

All this discussion of thoroughbred status made me think about the old myth that horses are sent to “the glue factory” when they become out of commission.  At some point, a determination is made whether they have value or not, and this decision is made by an outsider.  Once they reach “the glue factory”, it’s the end of the line.

You know, we are all thoroughbreds inside, right from the very beginning.  Society has a way of making us feel like the “glue pony” from time to time.  We get side tracked, wait listed, passed over, and any number of wrong directions sent our way.  You may find yourself rethinking your own status.  Are you a thoroughbred or a glue pony?  Who determined your status?  Are you living like a glue pony, when you should be living like a thoroughbred?  Refuse to settle for anything less than the thoroughbred you are! ♥

I found this quote on the internet yesterday and couldn’t help share it with all of you.  Sometimes all the best laid plans are just not going to happen.  The longer we cling to these plans and ideas of how our life is supposed to look, the longer we will suffer.  It’s really that simple.  It takes an act of faith to surrender your trust and experience what life has in store for you.  You sort of just have to say, “oh, what the hell”, and give in….  you surrender.

You know what, it takes less energy to surrender.  Things flow into and out of your life with less angst and struggle.  Things that disappear are simply not meant to be.  Things that appear, sometimes out of thin air, are just what is needed.  Being able to recognize that you are getting what you NEED, instead of what you want is crucial in the journey of life.

Remember, we all have our own story , why not open up and embrace the life that is waiting for you? ♥

So, I’ve written a lot lately about change.  I’ve come to realize that change is inevitable and that resisting change is pointless… What happens while you are going through a change?  I like to call these feelings growing pains.  They are brutal.  Some of them are gigantic and others are just small pangs of discomfort.  What can you do while you are experiencing the discomfort of growing pains?  

You have to slow down and breathe.  Discomfort in any form usually carries with it anxiety.  We all know that anxiety diminishes our ability to breathe fully.  So, it becomes a cycle of discomfort.  The less you breathe, the more out of sync you become with your body and its natural rhythms.  A great way to incorporate breathing into a difficult time is meditation.  It doesn’t have to be a long time.  If you just sit quietly with your breath for a few minutes each day, you come back to yourself in the present.  You are able to recognize that this discomfort is a temporary feeling, not here for good.

When the change is happening, don’t fight it.  Don’t cling to your old self or standards.  You know who you are out there!  I am one of you.  I have a set way of being in the world.  When someone tries to pry me out of it, I become stubborn.  I mean who are these new people or situations that are trying to mix up my routine.  If you feel yourself digging in… let go.  Trust that the process you are experiencing is guiding you in a positive way.  It’s like softening your gaze in yoga.  You can still see in front of you, but your focus is soft, so you are aware without having to know the details.

Practice your soft gaze for change, be aware and mindful of your breath, while you wait for the details to unfold…  I imagine its going to be beautiful and so are you!♥

I love the word catalyst…  It sounds so promising doesn’t it?  The definition is, “a person or thing that precipitates a change“.  It also has some scientific meanings, regarding chemical reactions, but I like the one that refers to change.  I especially like catalysts that come in the form of a person.  A good example of this is a consultant that is hired by a company to evaluate work flow, staffing, etc.  These people come from the outside and see the situation with fresh eyes.  They are able to pinpoint both problems and opportunities, that someone within the organization might miss.

Catalysts can affect you in your personal life as well.  They are the special people who come in to your life and see something in you that you don’t see in yourself.  They can motivate you to be different in your world.  People who are catalysts effect change by sharing their energy.  We all know that shared energy is so powerful and can be transformational.  We have to be open to the change they are inspiring.  It’s sometimes threatening and uncomfortable.  Those are good indications that you are growing as a person.  Don’t shy away from these feelings, they make you better.

I have been privileged to meet some pretty amazing catalysts in my life.  Each one of them has pushed me out of a rut or in a more positive direction.  I see my duty is to be a catalyst for others, as a sort of karmic repayment.  It’s a beautiful gift of energy for your fellow-man.  ♥

How can you accept the energy from catalysts in your life?  How can you share that energy with someone who needs to change?

What comes to mind when someone says the word “risk”?  If I’m being completely honest, I get butterflies in my stomach.  Risk is something that many of us try to avoid.  We go to great lengths to stay safe and supported, on solid ground, so to speak.  Life without risk can be a little on the boring side.  It’s also how many of us find ourselves in a rut and wishing we could change.

Let’s now look at the flip side of risk…”reward“.  How do you feel when someone says reward?  I feel ecstatic!  I mean who doesn’t love reward, in any of its forms?  I’d be willing to risk if I knew there was a reward in it for me somewhere.  What I’m trying to point out is, there is a direct relationship between risk and reward.   The greater the risk, the greater the possibility of reward.  Just think of the casino and how much people are willing to risk in order to make big gains.  The stock market is another example of great risk and great reward.

Being able to take risks in life requires faith.  Sometimes it has to be a leap of faith, but you enter in to the game, knowing that the risk is one you are willing to take, because your life is worth it.  You are unique and your special talents should not be squandered in a risk free safe house.  So go on, take that risk!

You can thank me for this later, 😉

Many years ago, while I was working for a large software company, I read this terrific book called “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson.   Basically, it’s a story about these characters, living in a maze, discovering they have lost sight of their “cheese“.  On a higher level, it talks about embracing changes that are inevitable not only in your world, but the world in general.

So many people today are facing a new life with absent or relocated cheese… Unemployment seems to be lurking everywhere.  It’s almost impossible to go through your entire professional life without being downsized or eliminated in some capacity.  In our personal lives, divorce and family disconnect are high on the list of common stressors.   This is what we know for sure, that change will come, it’s just a matter of when…and it happens again and again over time.

How you react to this cheese dilemma is another subject.  Change is not always bad, painful, and stressful.  Some change can make you better.  It can recharge your batteries by forcing you to explore new opportunities.  It can make you really examine what is important to you in life.  You might discover the cheese you were working so hard for is no longer appealing or that it depletes your joy.  Change can evolve you into the next, new and improved version of yourself.  Think of change as a software upgrade.  You are still the same you, just with a fancier operating system!

When you embrace the changes you face in life, have faith that they will help you to be your best self.  The most updated version of you is the best thing you can offer the world.  ♥

We watched the Iron Lady last night.  It’s the new movie about the life of Margaret Thatcher.  She was the first woman prime minister of the United Kingdom.  There were several scenes in the film that depicted how difficult it was to be the only woman in a “man’s” world.  Hence her nickname, the “iron lady”.

During the film, we see that she is her own woman from the very start.  Even at a young age, her interest in making her life matter, was clear.  I imagine choosing this road in life was a lonely battle for her.  Other young women were most interested in having families and wearing the latest fashion.  What struck me as interesting about her journey was, she was recognized along the way by men who became her support.  Primarily her husband, who saw her from the very beginning, and instead of seeing her independence as negative, he embraced her for it.  She was really seen…  

It made me think about how many people really see me in the world.  Think about family, friends, lovers, teachers, you name it.  The people in life who really see YOU are a gift!  They don’t try to change you or persuade you to be other than exactly who you are.  For Ms. Thatcher, this support allowed her to accomplish great things in her life.

Today, I want you to take a minute and identify those people in your world who really see YOU…  then, go a step further and thank them for recognizing you and being a part of your journey in life.  Their support, whether silent or acknowledged can help you move mountains in the world.  ♥

How do you deal with anger?  It is a real emotion.  Angry babies cry.  Angry children hit each other.  What do angry adults do?

I mean, I can think of some examples.  Some angry adults are alcoholics.  They drink to subdue the anger inside them.  Instead of killing the anger, they kill slowly kill themselves.  Some angry adults drive angry.  They rage against the road and the other drivers. Their anger is then transferred to the road.  Some angry adults eat.  They chew and swallow their rage.  Conversely, some angry adults deny themselves food. They punish themselves instead of releasing that anger.  I could go on and on with this list.  There are so many ways to deny anger and none of them are healthy.

Anger is a part of the human condition, just like sadness, loneliness, joy, anxiety, happiness and a whole list of other emotions.  The problem with anger begins when you deny it.  Anger denied becomes depression and disease.  So, how do we engage anger in a healthy way?

I immediately  think of exercise.  Sometimes, if you can get your heart rate at just the right level, you will release the anger.  I also think of meditation.  In meditation, we see that anger is an emotion that is happening to us.  We do not have to own the anger.  We can see it as a cloud circling our bodies.  By sitting with anger, and observing it, rather than acting it out, we can watch it dissolve.

This is where I need your input.   We all need examples of ways to deal with anger.  I’d like to know what has worked for you in your life.  How do you resolve feelings of anger?  The less angry we become, the more joy we have to offer the world.  ♥

It’s that time of year again… You know, we all make these resolutions to get thin for the new year.  I can just hear millions of people around the country making this mental claim.  It all starts with the word Diet.

This is such a loaded topic.  The word diet, as a noun, is actually lovely. Your diet describes the food you take in to nourish your body.  Diet as a verb, takes on another meaning altogether….dieting has become a national pastime.  The weight loss industry produces billions of dollars for those who claim to make weight loss effortless.

Take it from me, I’ve tried most of those diets.  I think I’ve been on some kind of diet since I was a young girl.  The word diet, for me, is negative.  It takes on the weight of shame.  It sends a message that in some way you are not ok, by the standards of society.  The funny thing is, I can actually attest to the fact that diets are only temporary.  They do produce results, but these results are hard to maintain, as a diet doesn’t change your life.  In addition, dieting is not a cure-all for everything you think is wrong in your world.

So, for this year, I’m proposing a challenge.  Let’s resolve NOT to diet!  What if you resolve to change your lifestyle to better your health?  That means making small changes to your everyday routine that you can maintain across the course of your life.  This change is for YOU, not anyone else.  Make this resolution personal.  How do YOU want to feel, look, live?  YOU in your most healthy body and mind are worth it! ♥

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