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Today I saw a white feather floating down over my head in Times Square.   Anyone who has visited New York, knows that this area is full of people and usually very loud, crazy and more than a little dirty! (…especially in the summertime)   It was such a magical moment and I took a mini-break from my busy day to observe its presence.

When I see a feather, it makes me think that someone above is watching over me and always brings a smile to my face knowing that I’m not alone in any given moment.  It’s easy to become so absorbed in our days and lives, that we never look up to see the beauty and magic in the world.  Nature is always communicating with us, reminding us that we are connected to each other, as well as, a higher source of guidance.  Feathers can remind to you be “light” in your heart and to see the “light” in your everyday surroundings.

Practice the art of being “light as a feather” in your day, see what happens to your own heart. ♥  

A friend forwarded me this image the other day…  It made me laugh out loud!  I have an August birthday, so I am a Lion by birth.  Also, because I used to have a cat named Mosie who looked just like the kitty in the picture.  His body resembled the kitty, but his personality was definitely like the Lion.  We spent 8 years together as roommates, before he died.    He was not my friend, or my son, he was my roommate.  We struggled and fought and ignored and occasionally loved each other, but he was hands down the most loyal companion and highly protective.   He had this whole self-image thing down.  He saw himself as a LION every day.  Even when he clearly looked like the kitty!

Working in the fashion industry is all about image.  It’s constant scrutiny and very subjective.  One day you are IN, the next you are OUT.  It can take its toll on your self-image over time.  I often wonder if it’s really a good idea to bring young men and women into the industry so early…  You have to be so strong inside.

Seeing yourself  for the natural beauty inside is the most wonderful thing, it brings you peace.    When you express yourself in your most authentic form in the world, no amount of outside scrutiny can deplete you.  Living authentically is a source of beauty 24/7.   All that other outside stuff is just fluff!  So…  How are you going to see yourself today?  Why not take a lesson from Mosie and see yourself as the perfect LION that you are?  ♥

I was out with friends the other night to see an off-Broadway play.  Broadway plays are performed in the big theaters that hold 500 seats or more.  Off-Broadway plays are performed in smaller more intimate theaters all over the city.  Visiting these theaters is sometimes as good as seeing the play, as many of them are full of great architecture and character.  

This night was all impromptu.  My friends called last-minute to ask if I would join them to see this play written by their friend.  I immediately said yes and our adventure was under way.  When we arrived at the theater, we took the “sketchy” elevator to the 4rth floor.  The doors opened to this cozy living room with deep couches and an antique bar.  After a glass of wine, we all entered the room that held the stage.

The play itself was dark and heavy, but even though there were no big sets or props, we were all instantly transported into the world dreamed up by the author.  It was amazing to see this snippet of another world created in the simplicity of an old theater.  As the play finished, we all acknowledged the great acting and writing.

Stepping out to catch the elevator down, the unexpected happened.  The elevator was out of service, so we needed to take the stairs down to the street.  As my friend opened the door to the stairs, I saw the most intricate and beautiful staircase!  It was an iron cylinder with spiral, marble stairs wrapping their way down around it.  WOW! I mean it was amazing.  I spent the good part of the next 20 minutes trying to capture it with my iPhone camera.  The detail and design were so unique.  Even the aging process of the marble, iron and brass came together to make so much beauty.

This lovely, old staircase made me think that life is unexpected.  Around the corner of your everyday routine, there can be so much magic and beauty, we just have to appreciate and share it.  Remembering to stop and appreciate the unexpected things that appear on your path in life is another way to live in the moment and really cherish life.  The next time you encounter the beauty of something unexpected, stop and absorb its magic… ♥

Do you know what it means to be a witness?  In the court room, the witness is called to recount the events in question as he or she remembers them.  The credibility of the witness can sometimes make or break a case.  Let’s just say the witness is vital in the journey of justice.

When I think of a witness, I think of the men and women who travel with you on your path in life.  Imagine you are driving along a large freeway, with many lanes.  As you drive along, someone will be behind you, beside you, or in front of you most of the time.  They may be in sync with you for quite a while and then suddenly disappear in the horizon.  They might just as easily appear out of nowhere.  These are no different from the witnesses you have in your life.  They are special because they acknowledge and share your journey… all of it, good, bad, and indifferent.

As you look back at the chapters of your life, identify your witnesses.  Identify those people who really made a difference or lightened your load in some way.  Take a minute to mentally send them gratitude for all they acknowledged or even better, send them a note if you are still in contact.  You can also identify your presence in someone else’s life as a witness.  If you are the witness, you can send the same gratitude for being present in their journey.  Remember, we are all share the same road, just in different stages.  ♥

I was sitting at the nail salon the other day. (I am serious about manicures!)  I have a routine that puts me in the chair at least once every couple of weeks.  While I was there, I overheard another woman speaking about her mother coming to visit.  She was there to get a manicure before her mom arrived.  She went on to say that her mom was always perfect, in every way.  She was perfectly dressed, pressed, manicured, made up, you know how it goes.  After she listed her mother’s many attributes, she began to list her own FLAWS!  She started with her ears, then her hair, and the list kept growing.  As she was listing all these flaws and how she was working around them, I thought to myself, what if all these flaws are really what makes her beautiful?  What if the worst parts of us are really the best in us?

I know what you are thinking, now she’s really lost her mind!  How can our flaws possibly be our assets?  We all have these parts of us that we diligently try to disguise and eliminate.  We spend a lot of time and energy working through these flaws.  We judge ourselves because of these flaws.  We decide that these flaws makes us not good enough.

As sure as I am sitting here typing these words, I want you to know that these flaws are what makes us beautiful and human. Embracing these unique qualities makes you a whole person.  Who are you to let others tell you what is beautiful or perfect?  Start embracing what is your worst and seeing it as your most beautiful.  It will change you, I promise.♥

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