Have you ever been in a situation that wasn’t quite right for you, but you can’t seem to let go? Instead, you spend time on it, you actually invest in it…

You try different approaches… I mean, we are all problem solvers, right? Who doesn’t want the challenge of solving a problem, especially for yourself. This is an investment of logic and time.

You make deals with it… I am the master at making deals with myself. Internal negotiation of the situation keeps it at bay. You can still remain comfortable and safe in your current environment. There is no risk involved. You are again, investing precious time.

You pretend about it… This is another favorite of mine. You make up a story about what is happening. You put a “spin” on it that is favorable. You may even share this story with others, to keep away their honest remarks about the truth. Again, you invest time and creativity to keep this story running.

Finally, you just plain ignore it… I’ve spoken about this before. It’s actually the most destructive way to handle the situation. Ignoring a personal truth or situation is a sure path to heartache. Life will send you signs that you are off course. Each time you ignore it, you get further from your path. It’s tiring to continue to ignore a situation. It requires an energy investment, it’s like running multiple electronic devices off of one outlet… Eventually you blow the fuse.

Do you notice a common theme in the above? They are all depleting activities. They deplete your time, your energy, your resources, etc. The longer it goes on, the more you feel exhausted. Eventually, you will be so tired, you will see the only option is to move on.

When you move on in life and invest in a new direction, that supports your highest self, you are energized, rather than depleted. Let go of the old and create the new, see what happens. You might be surprised…