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I’ve been checking out other blogs for the past couple days.  Suddenly, I realize that other people are writing these beautiful posts about life and their experience of it.  I am humbled by their words, the honesty with which they share, and the messages they are sending through the universe.  It’s very inspirational.

Blogging for me, has been about self discovery and healing.  The exercise and discipline of writing a new entry each day has lead me on an unusual journey.  The entries I have written are not at all what I was expecting to create, yet as I reread them, they are “just right” for my journey.  I wonder how many other bloggers are discovering the same thing as they write?  We are discovering ourselves in a new way.  I love this journey of writing and what it inspires in myself and others.  The dialog we create connects us with like souls and ignites conversations that would otherwise not happen.  The more honestly we share with each other and the world, the better our journey becomes.  

So, for all of you fellow bloggers… keep discovering and keep writing, I’m witnessing some greatness! ♥

Seriously ladies, why is it so attractive to face the world wearing sky-high heels?  I don’t know the answer to this myself.  I only know that I am willing to go to great lengths to wear high heels, even at risk of injury.  I am also sneaky about the heels.  Platform shoes are a great way to sneak in the “high” while still maintaining some form of moderation.

It must be that your legs look extra long and firm while you are perching atop your heels.  We all know that long, gorgeous legs are the way to a man’s heart, right?  We also know that shoes always fit!  (See blog history for “Shoes Always Fit”)  We all want to be 5’11” in our bare feet, because then we can stretch out that extra weight.  I see the twisted logic.

What would it mean to face the world in sensible shoes?  Would it mean your entry into the beautiful woman club has been revoked?  How would your life change if you never, ever again wore high heels?  Wow, I am sad just writing those words…but you see the unspoken power of the high heel.

What is your philosophy about high heels?

(P.S.  The high heels above are beyond gorgeous, and are known in my world as “limo shoes”…meaning you are only wearing these in the limo!)

I saw the new movie “The Help” today.  It was very moving to me for a number of reasons.  I saw how much we’ve changed as a society since the 60’s, how women’s roles have changed, and how women’s friendships have remained the same.  Women look out for each other.

In particular, some women are “game changers”, by this I mean, they see things differently than others and are courageous enough change the game.  This often comes at great personal cost to themselves.  They envision a different world and take active steps to create the difference.  These women are to be celebrated and they come in all ages, races, sizes, and religions.  I salute them all!

Are YOU a game changer?  I would like to hear your voice.  What changes are you creating?

I recently had a conversation with my uncle about teachers.  We discussed the status of education today and how teachers handle very different classrooms today than 50 years ago.  While we were discussing the occupation of teaching, he said something interesting.  The good teachers consider this occupation their calling.  Its been so long since I heard that word.

Merriam-Webster defines calling as, a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence.  I always associated a calling with religion and more specifically becoming a priest or nun.  As we talked about teachers, I realized this word has a more global application.

I talk a lot about having a strong connection between your mind and body.  What if finding your calling is just another way to be more joined to your spirit in everyday life?  I think one of the keys to being fulfilled in life, has to do with finding an occupation that is also a calling.

Take some time to quiet yourself and ask what a calling means to you.  How far away are you from being employed in your calling?  How would your life change if you were?  I’d love to know what you think!  I’m going to do this as well.  More to come…♥

Today is the first great woman spotlight.  Exciting!  This is really what this blog is about.  Wonderful, creative, hardworking, women who make a difference in the world.  There are so many out there.  I hope that this blog can be a spotlight for all of them.  I will begin by writing about someone who is special to me, but in the future, I would love to read about your great women.

Alejandra is a personal trainer.  She and her husband own a fitness studio called The EveryDay Athlete.  I met her about 6 years ago when I was having severe low back pain.  This woman is a giver.  She is a Mother, not just to her own child, but to every one she works with.  She does pre and post natal fitness for women, in addition to her private sessions and small group trainings.  She is from Chile by way of Costa Rica.  She came to this country, because she fell in love.  She left everything she knew to start a new life in New York with her now husband, Tomas.  She didn’t speak any english.  Talk about being out of your safety net!

What I admire most about her is her honesty.  She is sometimes brutal with the honesty.  I, on the other hand. and am always looking for the “right” answer, rather than just the facts.  I learned so much from her about my body and myself.  I learn something new each time I exercise with her.  Sometimes we are both surprised at the thoughts that arise during the course of a workout.  Sort of like physical therapy with a twist!  I learned that the stronger I feel in my body, the stronger I am in life.  I am grateful for her both as a teacher and a friend and I am delighted that she is my first spotlight.

Check her out at

Body Love, its huge, and may take several hundreds of posts to examine thoroughly, but let’s start with this one!

Today, I’m talking about the genuine love and respect you have for your body.  Hopefully, you realize that you have a body, and that you are not just a head roaming loose in the world.  🙂  I think I’ve spent most of my life as a roaming head!  Lately, I’m really exploring what it means to love and respect my body.

For me, loving my body is huge because it feeds, houses and clothes me, literally.  I make my living off of my body.  You know what, I rarely put it high on the priority list.  Instead, I demand from it every day the absolute maximum with no exceptions.  When I’m tired, I drink more caffeine.  I wear high heels, even when my feet hurt.  If I feel sick, I become impatient with the healing process.  I eat tortilla chips for dinner, a lot!  You get the picture.

Real body love means putting it number one on the list. ♥ It means recognizing that the body is not unlimited.  It needs gratitude, praise, attention, rest, pampering, exercise, play, knowledge, joy, nutrition, healing, and the list goes on.

How are you going to start a love affair with your body?



Yesterday, I was taking my morning walk to enjoy what’s left of the summer.  The sky was a brilliant shade of blue.  All of the flowers were in full bloom, as is normal for this time of year.  I came across these morning glories growing up a fence.  Notice how they have covered the fence completely and now, having no place else to go, they are putting a ladder against the sky! 

How do we reach beyond what is safe and supportive into the unknown, by being courageous enough to leave the fence.  I can’t say it any clearer than that.

P.S.  Also, I notice the sky has “no limits” ♥

The other day I was in Macy’s looking at all of the fall clothing that was beginning to appear in the store.  I visit the plus department on a regular basis to see how the clothes that we develop every day actually look in the store.  While I am doing my research, I observe the women who shop this department.

On this particular day, I saw three young women looking around the floor.  Two of them were probably size 6 or 8, their friend was size 16, and she was gorgeous!  Her friends were picking up clothes for her to try on.  Generally, they were all having a good time.  I saw them again in the fitting room.  They were discussing which items looked best on their friend.  She looked great in everything.  The friends agreed.

I want these young women to be able to shop together.  I want the size 6, 8, and 16 to browse the same racks.  I want them to take their respective sizes to the dressing room and try them on together.  I want this to happen in my lifetime, because separation based on size is not the answer.  Labels, such as plus size or petite, tall, short, half-size, super size, and everything else are just excess small talk.  WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL and variety is the spice of life.  Let’s make this happen together, by embracing and celebrating each other in our differences…

Jill Scott tells it like it is…some of them want to break you down, steal your crown, use and abuse you….are you going to let them?

I was thinking this week, why are women so vicious in the business world?  I see regular occurrences of women who use their position and power to control others.  It never turns out good for them in the end.  The very people they are trying to control and use, end up turning on them.

What would it be like to help other women polish their crowns and empower them?  How would our world change?  I think we could accomplish even MORE and we could EMPOWER each other, rather than use each other…  Positive energy is contagious.  We all benefit.

We all have a crown.  It’s the crown you are given in life.  Its yours alone, no one else has this crown.  It’s what  makes you, U!  When you come from a place of love and acceptance, your crown is secure.  Those that try to knock you down or use you have no chance…♥

Meet my friend Rose.  She is an amazing gardener who happens to be a great woman as well.  She is not into fashion and will not be found reading the pages of Vogue or Elle.  She is an original woman, who lives her life according to her own plan.  She didn’t want me to take her photo.  She doesn’t care much for photographs.  I was granted one shot and this is what I got.  She looks beautiful!  We didn’t spend hours on her hair, makeup and wardrobe, but to me she looks very beautiful, because I can see her spirit shining through her eyes.  She is herself, which is the most precious gift she has to offer us.  This is the most precious gift we have to offer each other.  You alone in your most authentic form are all that is necessary to be valued in the world.  Don’t ever forget this…

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