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How many times in life do you find yourself praying and hoping for a dream to be fulfilled?  You find yourself lost in the thought of how you are going to achieve this dream.  You know, the strategy… you try to work it!

“If I did this or I acted this way, if I was available or not available, if I followed up or didn’t follow up…”  the list goes on and on depending on the outcome your are trying to achieve. What I notice about all this strategy is an element of control.  We try to control the situation and affect it to achieve the outcome that is the most desirable for us.  There it is, the problem… control.

Notice how you feel in your body when you are trying to control a situation.  For me, my neck and jaw are the truth.  If my neck is killing me and my jaw hurts, you better believe that I’m trying to control a situation.  I’m laughing just thinking about this!  It’s so obvious…

Believing in a power greater than yourself requires a willingness to release control and have faith that the events in your life are unfolding for your greater good…

Practice adding those three words to your daily meditations.  Notice how you feel when you hope for something that is for your greater good.  For me, it’s  a well of peace.  Experience it for yourself. ♥

Tonight I went to dinner and a movie with a friend.  We miscalculated the time of the movie and were running late.  When we opened the door to the theater, it was mostly full and the movie was in session.  This is a disaster for me, as it takes my eyes a while to adjust.  It was also a 3D movie, so I’m trying to quietly unwrap those damn glasses, shut my phone off and take off my coat before we went looking for a seat.  As my eyes began to adjust, I could see there were some seats available around the theater.  So, quietly we made our way to a cluster of empty seats in a row close to the back.

I’m apologizing to everyone and trying to make myself small, with all my gear, to squeeze past the  people already seated.  I just wanted to sit and be silent as quickly as possible.  That’s when the crazy happened…  The man sitting next to the empty seats told us those seats were “saved” for his friends.  Mind you, the movie has already started.  So, I begin to climb back over the people I just climbed over to find other seats.  I hear some words behind me and turn around to see my friend has scolded the man and the seats are now magically, “not saved”!  We sit, the movie continues, and those friends the seats were saved for never materialize…

My first thought about this is anger.  Some people are so greedy and selfish.  Now that I’m home I’m thinking, “we have to make room for our fellow brothers and sisters of the world”.  There is always “room” for one more.  One more at your table, in your car, at your church, your club, you name it.  We have to remember there is enough to go around if we open our hearts to make room for others.  ♥

I was riding in a taxi the other morning, before the rush hour.  I decided to get an early start on my day so I could get my coffee time in before the craziness ensued.  I entered a cab in downtown Manhattan, near canal street.  (you know, where they sell the great knock off handbags!)  I was headed to midtown, where my first client is located.  I was in a grumpy mood.  I don’t know how I manage to wake up grumpy, but this was my mental state.

The driver began talking to me and I thought, oh geez, do I really have to engage with this man.  I just want to sit in this cab and sulk in my grumpiness and arrive at my destination.  He was really so charming and he began to tell me funny stories about New York city drivers.  I drive in the city quite a bit, so I was able to appreciate and enjoy his stories.  He had me laughing by the end of the ride and smiling.  This is when something quite unexpected happened.  I was getting ready to pay and he turned to me and said, “this ride is free today”.  The fare for this ride was $15.  I have lived in New York for 17 years, not one time has any driver ever offered a free ride!

I was really moved by his gift.  He was a simple man.  He was just starting his day and I know how hard these drivers have to work to make their money for the day.  This man was rich in spirit, that’s why he was able to give so freely this gift.  He taught me a lesson that day.  He showed me how important it is to recognize your fellow-man and to offer them gifts, as if they were a part of your own family.  It’s a universal love we can show for each other.  It makes us rich.  ♥

How are you going to share gifts with your fellow man?  

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