When was the last time you heard someone referred to as a “Master”?  I think about this mostly when it comes to golf.  You know, the Masters Tournament…  All those professional golfers coming together to compete at the height of their game.  They have honed their craft to a point that it becomes mastery.

What happens when you’ve reached the master level?  First of all you have to take a look at what it takes to become a master.  I have a personal theory that masters are created where skill, experience, and passion come together.  This perfect combination of qualities brings to life a higher level of expression.  It’s really a pleasure to watch a master at work, they are so present… 

When masters practice their craft for a long period of time, they become artists.  They place their own personal spin on the technicality of their work.  They have studied, experimented, and honed their craft so expertly that their creative mind takes over.  It breeds a new and ultimately unique level of achievement.  Experiencing mastery as it becomes art is a beautiful gift.

How do you experience mastery in your life?  Who do you see as a master?  Appreciate those around you who display mastery and encourage them to become artists…♥