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I know you are laughing right now!  I mean, who doesn’t know that “WD-40” can fix any problem you have around the house?  “WD” stands for water displacing and “40” indicates the number of tries it took them to get the formula right… but I digress, its lip gloss I really want to discuss! I have watched women of all ages, races, social status, and religion,  pull out lip gloss and it apply it when they are in a pinch.

This application of lip gloss fixes many common problems associated with womanhood.  For example, did you know, when you are feeling extra blue, applying lip gloss will instantly pick up your mood.  Some believe the heaviness in application, has a direct correlation to the mood of the wearer!  Now I’m laughing.  I’ve seen women reapply lip gloss in regular intervals, just as a protective measure.  Young women think lip gloss makes them look so mature and older women use the reverse logic.  Purchasing lip gloss, is as good as buying an insurance policy against the blues.  

What I like most about lip gloss is that it makes us remember ourselves for a moment.  It’s a little kiss we give ourselves.  Sometimes that little moment is more healing and uplifting than any gesture from our friends or family.  So ladies, let the lip gloss flow!  Buy extras, to keep in emergency locations, experiment with brighter colors and give it as gifts.  The next time someone asks for a can of WD-40, you know what to hand them… your lip gloss!

Sometimes you are rolling along in life, thinking everything is status quo, moving through your days and nights, until IT happens.  The Red Flag is thrown.  This can be anything, an accident, a financial reversal, a health crisis, the end result is that you are forced to face something you have been ignoring for a very long time.  The universe is basically telling you that its time to snap out of it, and deal with whatever has been lurking on the back burner.

The size of the red flag is in direct relationship to your need to address the problem.  Some red flags are little, in fact they are so little, that you can possibly ignore them.  This, of course, is a bad idea, but we all do it.  It works for  a while until the next red flag is thrown.  This time its a little larger and harder to sweep away.  You see the point I’m making.  Ignoring your red flags can only lead to setbacks and suffering.  You have to face head on what you have been denying or hiding.  It takes effort and courage to face a red flag, but it’s also a great time to make a 180 degree turn in your life.  Think of it as coming to the fork in the road… now you will choose to go a different direction.

Can you think of any red flags that you have been ignoring?  Have you had any giant upsets in the past because you ignored too many of them?  Remember, the universe is always communicating with us, if we choose to be aware and accept the information.  Use these reminders to make changes for the better.  ♥

You know sometimes in your life everything seems to fall into place?  You are just witnessing the events and following the chain. It seems as though all is right in the world.  This is called Flow.  Flow is like being in a river, moving with the water, it feels effortless.  I love going with the flow…

What about the times in life when ITS NOT FLOWING?  You know, you’re stuck.  You are in a rut and every best effort you put forward leads to a brick wall.  I have had my share of “no flow”.  It’s frustrating!  How do you rediscover your flow?  Honestly, it’s a mystery to me.

The most important thing to remember when you are out of flow, is to keep trying… try EVERYTHING.  Say yes, to all kinds of invitations, opportunities, people, jobs, and events that you would otherwise decline.  It’s possible that the flow you are looking for is with you already, but you are looking in the opposite direction.  Look around, change the glasses you’ve been wearing to examine your situation and your  world.  Be aware of what’s new in your old situation.  You’ve got to have faith that flow will return to you.

Wait and see… being open to the new, might just drop you right back into that flowing river! ♥

I’ve been watching Seabiscuit on HBO.  Let’s just say I’ve seen this movie a lot!  The horse is born to be a thoroughbred, but along the way, is categorized as “less than”.  Over time he is trained to lose races to give other, more promising horses some confidence from the win.  He is eventually picked up by an unlikely owner, trainer, and jockey  and given an opportunity to regain his lost magic.   Once he is given the attention and training he deserves, he begins to win races and reclaim his thoroughbred status.

All this discussion of thoroughbred status made me think about the old myth that horses are sent to “the glue factory” when they become out of commission.  At some point, a determination is made whether they have value or not, and this decision is made by an outsider.  Once they reach “the glue factory”, it’s the end of the line.

You know, we are all thoroughbreds inside, right from the very beginning.  Society has a way of making us feel like the “glue pony” from time to time.  We get side tracked, wait listed, passed over, and any number of wrong directions sent our way.  You may find yourself rethinking your own status.  Are you a thoroughbred or a glue pony?  Who determined your status?  Are you living like a glue pony, when you should be living like a thoroughbred?  Refuse to settle for anything less than the thoroughbred you are! ♥

 In the journey of life, we sometimes lose ourselves.  You know what I mean by this, right?  You become a student and work full-time to pay for your college tuition, or you become a mother and begin caring for your children, or you become the CEO of a large corporation and you begin the process of growing the company…  The examples are as varied as the people they describe.  They all carry the same result, a loss of something that once was inside you.  In order to succeed and survive the challenge you are faced with, you shut down some parts of yourself and FOCUS on the task at hand.

For me this feels like driving through a tunnel.  You have to pay really close attention, because it’s dark and you are driving at a high rate of speed.  Everything else sort of fades while you are focused on the road in front of you.  Once you come out of the tunnel you are free to take in the environment in a much more global way.  You are still focused, but you can appreciate your surroundings a little more.  This is the same way in life.  In order to make it through that tunnel, we turn down certain parts of ourselves, they get lost…

The good news is, you can reclaim something you have lost.  Reclaiming is sort of a magical thing, because it allows us to rebirth that lost part.  It can happen in an unexpected way, either from a new situation, person or environment.  The magic of it is that you begin to recognize again the part of yourself that was shut down or lost.  I’ve had this happen multiple times in my life.  Sometimes, when I see that lost part of myself re-emerge, I am brought to tears, because I missed her so much!  Then I realize, she was there all along just waiting for her rebirth…♥

Do you recognize any lost parts of yourself?  How can you reclaim them?  

I found this quote on the internet yesterday and couldn’t help share it with all of you.  Sometimes all the best laid plans are just not going to happen.  The longer we cling to these plans and ideas of how our life is supposed to look, the longer we will suffer.  It’s really that simple.  It takes an act of faith to surrender your trust and experience what life has in store for you.  You sort of just have to say, “oh, what the hell”, and give in….  you surrender.

You know what, it takes less energy to surrender.  Things flow into and out of your life with less angst and struggle.  Things that disappear are simply not meant to be.  Things that appear, sometimes out of thin air, are just what is needed.  Being able to recognize that you are getting what you NEED, instead of what you want is crucial in the journey of life.

Remember, we all have our own story , why not open up and embrace the life that is waiting for you? ♥

Since we just went through another Valentine’s Day, I wanted to spend a little time talking about love.  I mean, this holiday can really mess with your head.  I had to laugh as I watched all these men scramble, last-minute after work on Valentine’s Day to show up with some token of love for their women.  It seems that Valentine’s Day is more a financial business than a love business.

I started to think about what love really is and how we express it.  Believe me, it doesn’t come from a certain number of dates with the right boyfriend, a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates.  Love is magic.  The love I’m talking about happens in an instant.  It can’t be manufactured or manipulated, it just happens.  

So, with all of the hoopla around Valentine’s Day, we often miss the magic of love.  This magic is the energy that passes between two people either intentionally or by chance.  Once you catch that feeling, that look, that touch, you are hooked.  You are enveloped by the magic of the other person and you know your life is never going to be the same.  You know what else… this love happens every day, not just on Valentine’s Day.  ♥

Why not keep an eye out for the magic of love in your everyday life?  

Do you know what it means to be a witness?  In the court room, the witness is called to recount the events in question as he or she remembers them.  The credibility of the witness can sometimes make or break a case.  Let’s just say the witness is vital in the journey of justice.

When I think of a witness, I think of the men and women who travel with you on your path in life.  Imagine you are driving along a large freeway, with many lanes.  As you drive along, someone will be behind you, beside you, or in front of you most of the time.  They may be in sync with you for quite a while and then suddenly disappear in the horizon.  They might just as easily appear out of nowhere.  These are no different from the witnesses you have in your life.  They are special because they acknowledge and share your journey… all of it, good, bad, and indifferent.

As you look back at the chapters of your life, identify your witnesses.  Identify those people who really made a difference or lightened your load in some way.  Take a minute to mentally send them gratitude for all they acknowledged or even better, send them a note if you are still in contact.  You can also identify your presence in someone else’s life as a witness.  If you are the witness, you can send the same gratitude for being present in their journey.  Remember, we are all share the same road, just in different stages.  ♥

So, I’ve written a lot lately about change.  I’ve come to realize that change is inevitable and that resisting change is pointless… What happens while you are going through a change?  I like to call these feelings growing pains.  They are brutal.  Some of them are gigantic and others are just small pangs of discomfort.  What can you do while you are experiencing the discomfort of growing pains?  

You have to slow down and breathe.  Discomfort in any form usually carries with it anxiety.  We all know that anxiety diminishes our ability to breathe fully.  So, it becomes a cycle of discomfort.  The less you breathe, the more out of sync you become with your body and its natural rhythms.  A great way to incorporate breathing into a difficult time is meditation.  It doesn’t have to be a long time.  If you just sit quietly with your breath for a few minutes each day, you come back to yourself in the present.  You are able to recognize that this discomfort is a temporary feeling, not here for good.

When the change is happening, don’t fight it.  Don’t cling to your old self or standards.  You know who you are out there!  I am one of you.  I have a set way of being in the world.  When someone tries to pry me out of it, I become stubborn.  I mean who are these new people or situations that are trying to mix up my routine.  If you feel yourself digging in… let go.  Trust that the process you are experiencing is guiding you in a positive way.  It’s like softening your gaze in yoga.  You can still see in front of you, but your focus is soft, so you are aware without having to know the details.

Practice your soft gaze for change, be aware and mindful of your breath, while you wait for the details to unfold…  I imagine its going to be beautiful and so are you!♥

Celebrity status and culture are an obsession of many people around the world.  We love to see the photos and “tweets” of these stars.  We cheer with them when they succeed, cry with them when they fail, and laugh at their escapades.  Their larger than life status removes us from what we consider the “everydayness” of our own lives.  We imagine our lives in a celebrity way…  What about the celebrity that lives inside us right now?

After much observation and experience, I’ve decided that we are all celebrities inside.  It is our work in life to uncover and polish the star that is inside us.  It’s like polishing your favorite shoes.   When you take your shoes to be repaired and shined,  you recognize that once they were brand spanking new, but are now showing some wear.  They have gotten you through a job interview, a rain storm, your dog, and the sidewalks of your life.  So, you polish them, bringing out the beauty that is still there, but needs uncovering.  Over time, these shoes become extraordinary!  They carry the beauty marks of your journey and each polishing reveals a little more character.

So it is with your star.  In the beginning it is so bright!  I mean really people, celebrity status!  As you grow and begin to travel on your path, your light might be dimmed.  Just keep polishing and repairing it over time, with love and patience.  Soon, that gorgeous celebrity that is living inside you will emerge brighter than ever. ♥

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