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Meet my friend Rose.  She is an amazing gardener who happens to be a great woman as well.  She is not into fashion and will not be found reading the pages of Vogue or Elle.  She is an original woman, who lives her life according to her own plan.  She didn’t want me to take her photo.  She doesn’t care much for photographs.  I was granted one shot and this is what I got.  She looks beautiful!  We didn’t spend hours on her hair, makeup and wardrobe, but to me she looks very beautiful, because I can see her spirit shining through her eyes.  She is herself, which is the most precious gift she has to offer us.  This is the most precious gift we have to offer each other.  You alone in your most authentic form are all that is necessary to be valued in the world.  Don’t ever forget this…

Problems plague all of us in life.  We just get with the “flow”, when another crisis arises to side track our best intentions.  This happens in every area of life.  I like to call it the “fly in the ointment” syndrome.  You know, there is ALWAYS a fly in the ointment!

I was looking at furniture with my friend Terrance today and he said “problems are opportunities”.  He was referring to a piece of furniture, but the phrase immediately struck me as global.  In fashion, we call this a happy accident.  Sometimes a design is produced incorrectly, but some how comes out better than planned.  It can often become a best seller and leaves everyone scratching their heads.

How many times in your life have you been presented with a problem that drowns you?  Instead try looking for the opportunity that is surrounding your problem.  It could lead you in a new and better direction.  Trust yourself and follow that new direction…

Some friends and I were talking about shopping the other day.  Someone had gotten a new pair of sandals from T.J.Maxx.  She was diminishing the value of her purchase because they were from this discount retailer.  We often associate good design with high-end labels.  Everyone rushes to purchase the newest Designer handbag each season, no matter what the price.  While it is true that these labels have experts behind the label bringing you their best creations, good design is not exclusive to high price tags.

Good design is available to all of us, at every price.  The trick is to recognize what makes something good.  I look at shapes, fabric and color.  Does the color look like it exists in nature?  It’s easier to wear these colors.  The fabric is also key.  Is it comfortable on the body?  Does it mold to your shape without bringing out your flaws?  Finally, what is the shape?  Is it a classic style that you will have for years?  If it’s trendy, does it wear you, or are YOU wearing it?  All these things go into making something fantastic.

Next time you are shopping, whether it’s at Neiman Marcus or Target, try looking for good design at any price.

Are you open to life?  Living with an open heart takes courage.  It requires you to step out of your comfort zone and travel in new directions.  It can feel uncomfortable.  You will be resistant to the process.  It’s safe to stay with what is familiar.  Are you really becoming your best self by living in safe way?

Let go of safe and open yourself up to more of what life has to offer you.   Why settle for a small little piece of the life you are living? Why not open yourself up to the big bite of the life you can have?   What does it mean to be open to life? It means to listen with your heart.  Your heart knows what gives it peace and makes it sing…do you listen to your heart when it speaks?  When your heart and your mind are in unison,  great things appear!

Some days are just doomed from the start.  You wake up grumpy, miss your train, or the car won’t start, or you forgot your umbrella, or your phone goes dead.  We all have these days.  Some days we wake up and our bodies are not as they were the day before.  You try on your favorite jeans and they are TIGHT!  Now you are really grumpy!

Shoes always fit!  I have a great shoe collection for this reason.  The shoes not only can make the outfit, but they can be the outfit.  Add in a great pedicure and you look like  a million dollars.  Even when you don’t feel that way.  Today, I’m giving love to the reliable and beautiful shoe and the power they have to rescue a bad day.  Here’s an example of my current favorite.

What shoes do you have that pick up your spirit?  If you can’t think of a pair immediately, get some!

My dear friend had to explain to her 5 year old daughter what it means to give someone “your word“.  This is a little overwhelming for me…trying to explain a concept so huge to someone so little.  What does it mean to give someone your word?

We live in a world where everything changes so quickly.  Something you say today can have little meaning or value the next day.  Yet, there is an intangible exchange when you give someone your word.  It comes from deep within you.  It is yours and only yours.  It is not up for negotiation.  Finally, most importantly, no one can take your word away from you, EVER, it is yours alone and it has value.

The value of your word speaks to the value of yourself.  What is the value of your word?

I spent an afternoon with an old friend yesterday.

After much discussion about the current state of our lives, we agreed that life is like a series of train rides.  The train cars vary, some are lux and comfortable, while others are dimly lit and unsettling.  The passengers in the car can be loving and supportive or fun and light, while some others are irritating and negative.  You get the picture.  The thing is, once you recognize which train you are on, you can choose to exit, and wait for the next train.

The trains keep running.  The train today may not be right for tomorrow, but you can choose to catch the next one.  You must be willing to get off the train and determined to board the next one with no look backward.

Which train are you on?  Do you like the ride?  Do you know where you are headed?  How is the ride affecting you?



Color is moving me this summer.  I am currently into orange, specifically brazilliant from Essie.  It is a gorgeous shade that screams summertime.  I must be subconsciously in love with orange, because I now have nail polish, pants, yoga pants, and lingerie all in exactly the same color.

I have the same feeling about all color at one time or another.  It’s another way to be creative, to live your life in full bloom.  Notice how you look differently in the various colors.  Colors can also make you feel, you may have a certain glow about you.  Experiment with color, even in small doses.  You can work your way up to the orange dress!  Let me know how it goes…
More evidence of great color!!!  from Italian Vogue!
I went to the beach today and look what I found in the sand right next to my blanket?  This beautiful little bracelet with all the colors of the rainbow…just confirmation from the universe that life is better lived in color…;)


Today I’m talking about clothing sizes! (I’ll leave that other conversation for another time)

After working in the fashion industry for over 25 years and being many different weights during those years, I would like you to know something very important…drum roll please,  SIZE DOESN’T MATTER!   

Here is why…

Fabrics are all so very different.  Some are extremely stretchy, while others are like cardboard.

Sewing of the garments is not an exact science, two pairs of the same pants might fit differently because they were sewn in two different places.

Designers all use different models for developing their clothing and they change frequently.  You might fit in these clothes one day and the next day not, because the model has changed.

The difference between 2 sizes is 1-2 inches.  Get a tape measure and take a look at 1″, I mean really, that is nothing…you could eat a slice of pizza and be a different size…

You see my point, right?  I mean to base your entire day or month or life on this number that can be so subjective seems a little silly right?  Because SIZE DOESN’T MATTER.

Try an experiment, cut the size tag out of some of your clothing.  Do you feel differently not knowing what size you are?  Do the same thing when you shop.  Take three sizes into the fitting room each time you try something on.  Which one feels the best?  Ignore the size tag!

The other day I found myself in an unusual situation.  I was in contact with a young woman who had exceptional SELF ESTEEM.  This is so rare for women of any age.  I was really taken aback by her regard for herself.  It almost pissed me off!  I mean, “who does she think she is”, to be so forceful about herself and her convictions?

This is such a woman thing, isn’t it?  I mean we can’t be too strong, OR CAN WE?

I’ve had so little regard for myself in my life that I can’t even relate to how this young woman can feel so good.  I want to learn from her.  I want to hold myself in that same HIGH ESTEEM, without feeling like a prima donna.  There is a line between the two.  As great women, we can learn to be our own best advocates, while not losing sight of the others around us.

How is your self-esteem?  How do you regard yourself?  What happens when you encounter others with more or less SELF ESTEEM than you?

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