Letting the words flow through my mind like a river…

A winding river flowing along a wooded path and eventually pouring itself into the ocean.  Beautiful and original every step of the way…

The ocean swallows me whole.  I am swallowed by the enormity of the waves of life.  My heart is at once drowning from and filling with their cradle and crash.

Escaping is no use, assimilation to the waves is the only way to survive.  

Surviving rather than thriving.  The beauty of the river gives way to the surviving of the oceans waves.  They are so powerful…  They cradle and crash… cradle and crash… cradle and crash…

I am left not knowing whether to seek their comfort or fear their consequences.

The waves crash in and out against the flat sand along the beach.

Is the ocean my friend or my enemy?

Listen to the waves… they are clear with their intent, each born anew.  Like an eagle of opportunities…  both success and failure in equal measure.  Flying high above the ground and crashing against whatever stubbornness is in their path.

Who dares stand against these eagle crashing waves?

I stand against the crash of the waves… at once baptized and softened… reprimanded and renewed.

Waves are like that…  They have the ability to change the shape and feel of a thing…  weathering even the most hardened among us.  Revealing  true beauty and depth of character that can’t be challenged…

Because it is authentic, like the flowing river.