Here it is, a big milestone birthday for me this year..  I’m turning 50!  

It has me thinking about what it means to usher in another decade.  Milestones to me are like intersections on the highway of life.  I’m thinking of a very big intersection… You know the kind that has a special lane and signal for left turns!

Well, I’m trying to point out that we stop and take a significant pause on milestone birthdays.  We review and evaluate the journey we’ve been on to this point.   How has it been?   Where did it go smoothly, where were the bumps, potholes?   I like to think of the times when there was palpable joy.  I write them down.  Often times the most fulfilling and joyous moments are so small… Not usually during the big vacation or pay raise…  They are little everyday moments.

When I identify and review those moments of joy, I’m able to see my next road more clearly.  how can I keep moving forward and celebrating life in small ways each day.  I actually plan it.  It’s on the calendar…