In the journey of life, we sometimes lose ourselves.  You know what I mean by this, right?  You become a student and work full-time to pay for your college tuition, or you become a mother and begin caring for your children, or you become the CEO of a large corporation and you begin the process of growing the company…  The examples are as varied as the people they describe.  They all carry the same result, a loss of something that once was inside you.  In order to succeed and survive the challenge you are faced with, you shut down some parts of yourself and FOCUS on the task at hand.

For me this feels like driving through a tunnel.  You have to pay really close attention, because it’s dark and you are driving at a high rate of speed.  Everything else sort of fades while you are focused on the road in front of you.  Once you come out of the tunnel you are free to take in the environment in a much more global way.  You are still focused, but you can appreciate your surroundings a little more.  This is the same way in life.  In order to make it through that tunnel, we turn down certain parts of ourselves, they get lost…

The good news is, you can reclaim something you have lost.  Reclaiming is sort of a magical thing, because it allows us to rebirth that lost part.  It can happen in an unexpected way, either from a new situation, person or environment.  The magic of it is that you begin to recognize again the part of yourself that was shut down or lost.  I’ve had this happen multiple times in my life.  Sometimes, when I see that lost part of myself re-emerge, I am brought to tears, because I missed her so much!  Then I realize, she was there all along just waiting for her rebirth…♥

Do you recognize any lost parts of yourself?  How can you reclaim them?