I found this quote on the internet yesterday and couldn’t help share it with all of you.  Sometimes all the best laid plans are just not going to happen.  The longer we cling to these plans and ideas of how our life is supposed to look, the longer we will suffer.  It’s really that simple.  It takes an act of faith to surrender your trust and experience what life has in store for you.  You sort of just have to say, “oh, what the hell”, and give in….  you surrender.

You know what, it takes less energy to surrender.  Things flow into and out of your life with less angst and struggle.  Things that disappear are simply not meant to be.  Things that appear, sometimes out of thin air, are just what is needed.  Being able to recognize that you are getting what you NEED, instead of what you want is crucial in the journey of life.

Remember, we all have our own story , why not open up and embrace the life that is waiting for you? ♥