Do you know what it means to be a witness?  In the court room, the witness is called to recount the events in question as he or she remembers them.  The credibility of the witness can sometimes make or break a case.  Let’s just say the witness is vital in the journey of justice.

When I think of a witness, I think of the men and women who travel with you on your path in life.  Imagine you are driving along a large freeway, with many lanes.  As you drive along, someone will be behind you, beside you, or in front of you most of the time.  They may be in sync with you for quite a while and then suddenly disappear in the horizon.  They might just as easily appear out of nowhere.  These are no different from the witnesses you have in your life.  They are special because they acknowledge and share your journey… all of it, good, bad, and indifferent.

As you look back at the chapters of your life, identify your witnesses.  Identify those people who really made a difference or lightened your load in some way.  Take a minute to mentally send them gratitude for all they acknowledged or even better, send them a note if you are still in contact.  You can also identify your presence in someone else’s life as a witness.  If you are the witness, you can send the same gratitude for being present in their journey.  Remember, we are all share the same road, just in different stages.  ♥