So, I’ve written a lot lately about change.  I’ve come to realize that change is inevitable and that resisting change is pointless… What happens while you are going through a change?  I like to call these feelings growing pains.  They are brutal.  Some of them are gigantic and others are just small pangs of discomfort.  What can you do while you are experiencing the discomfort of growing pains?  

You have to slow down and breathe.  Discomfort in any form usually carries with it anxiety.  We all know that anxiety diminishes our ability to breathe fully.  So, it becomes a cycle of discomfort.  The less you breathe, the more out of sync you become with your body and its natural rhythms.  A great way to incorporate breathing into a difficult time is meditation.  It doesn’t have to be a long time.  If you just sit quietly with your breath for a few minutes each day, you come back to yourself in the present.  You are able to recognize that this discomfort is a temporary feeling, not here for good.

When the change is happening, don’t fight it.  Don’t cling to your old self or standards.  You know who you are out there!  I am one of you.  I have a set way of being in the world.  When someone tries to pry me out of it, I become stubborn.  I mean who are these new people or situations that are trying to mix up my routine.  If you feel yourself digging in… let go.  Trust that the process you are experiencing is guiding you in a positive way.  It’s like softening your gaze in yoga.  You can still see in front of you, but your focus is soft, so you are aware without having to know the details.

Practice your soft gaze for change, be aware and mindful of your breath, while you wait for the details to unfold…  I imagine its going to be beautiful and so are you!♥