Celebrity status and culture are an obsession of many people around the world.  We love to see the photos and “tweets” of these stars.  We cheer with them when they succeed, cry with them when they fail, and laugh at their escapades.  Their larger than life status removes us from what we consider the “everydayness” of our own lives.  We imagine our lives in a celebrity way…  What about the celebrity that lives inside us right now?

After much observation and experience, I’ve decided that we are all celebrities inside.  It is our work in life to uncover and polish the star that is inside us.  It’s like polishing your favorite shoes.   When you take your shoes to be repaired and shined,  you recognize that once they were brand spanking new, but are now showing some wear.  They have gotten you through a job interview, a rain storm, your dog, and the sidewalks of your life.  So, you polish them, bringing out the beauty that is still there, but needs uncovering.  Over time, these shoes become extraordinary!  They carry the beauty marks of your journey and each polishing reveals a little more character.

So it is with your star.  In the beginning it is so bright!  I mean really people, celebrity status!  As you grow and begin to travel on your path, your light might be dimmed.  Just keep polishing and repairing it over time, with love and patience.  Soon, that gorgeous celebrity that is living inside you will emerge brighter than ever. ♥