I love the word catalyst…  It sounds so promising doesn’t it?  The definition is, “a person or thing that precipitates a change“.  It also has some scientific meanings, regarding chemical reactions, but I like the one that refers to change.  I especially like catalysts that come in the form of a person.  A good example of this is a consultant that is hired by a company to evaluate work flow, staffing, etc.  These people come from the outside and see the situation with fresh eyes.  They are able to pinpoint both problems and opportunities, that someone within the organization might miss.

Catalysts can affect you in your personal life as well.  They are the special people who come in to your life and see something in you that you don’t see in yourself.  They can motivate you to be different in your world.  People who are catalysts effect change by sharing their energy.  We all know that shared energy is so powerful and can be transformational.  We have to be open to the change they are inspiring.  It’s sometimes threatening and uncomfortable.  Those are good indications that you are growing as a person.  Don’t shy away from these feelings, they make you better.

I have been privileged to meet some pretty amazing catalysts in my life.  Each one of them has pushed me out of a rut or in a more positive direction.  I see my duty is to be a catalyst for others, as a sort of karmic repayment.  It’s a beautiful gift of energy for your fellow-man.  ♥

How can you accept the energy from catalysts in your life?  How can you share that energy with someone who needs to change?