What comes to mind when someone says the word “risk”?  If I’m being completely honest, I get butterflies in my stomach.  Risk is something that many of us try to avoid.  We go to great lengths to stay safe and supported, on solid ground, so to speak.  Life without risk can be a little on the boring side.  It’s also how many of us find ourselves in a rut and wishing we could change.

Let’s now look at the flip side of risk…”reward“.  How do you feel when someone says reward?  I feel ecstatic!  I mean who doesn’t love reward, in any of its forms?  I’d be willing to risk if I knew there was a reward in it for me somewhere.  What I’m trying to point out is, there is a direct relationship between risk and reward.   The greater the risk, the greater the possibility of reward.  Just think of the casino and how much people are willing to risk in order to make big gains.  The stock market is another example of great risk and great reward.

Being able to take risks in life requires faith.  Sometimes it has to be a leap of faith, but you enter in to the game, knowing that the risk is one you are willing to take, because your life is worth it.  You are unique and your special talents should not be squandered in a risk free safe house.  So go on, take that risk!

You can thank me for this later, 😉