Many years ago, while I was working for a large software company, I read this terrific book called “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson.   Basically, it’s a story about these characters, living in a maze, discovering they have lost sight of their “cheese“.  On a higher level, it talks about embracing changes that are inevitable not only in your world, but the world in general.

So many people today are facing a new life with absent or relocated cheese… Unemployment seems to be lurking everywhere.  It’s almost impossible to go through your entire professional life without being downsized or eliminated in some capacity.  In our personal lives, divorce and family disconnect are high on the list of common stressors.   This is what we know for sure, that change will come, it’s just a matter of when…and it happens again and again over time.

How you react to this cheese dilemma is another subject.  Change is not always bad, painful, and stressful.  Some change can make you better.  It can recharge your batteries by forcing you to explore new opportunities.  It can make you really examine what is important to you in life.  You might discover the cheese you were working so hard for is no longer appealing or that it depletes your joy.  Change can evolve you into the next, new and improved version of yourself.  Think of change as a software upgrade.  You are still the same you, just with a fancier operating system!

When you embrace the changes you face in life, have faith that they will help you to be your best self.  The most updated version of you is the best thing you can offer the world.  ♥