We watched the Iron Lady last night.  It’s the new movie about the life of Margaret Thatcher.  She was the first woman prime minister of the United Kingdom.  There were several scenes in the film that depicted how difficult it was to be the only woman in a “man’s” world.  Hence her nickname, the “iron lady”.

During the film, we see that she is her own woman from the very start.  Even at a young age, her interest in making her life matter, was clear.  I imagine choosing this road in life was a lonely battle for her.  Other young women were most interested in having families and wearing the latest fashion.  What struck me as interesting about her journey was, she was recognized along the way by men who became her support.  Primarily her husband, who saw her from the very beginning, and instead of seeing her independence as negative, he embraced her for it.  She was really seen…  

It made me think about how many people really see me in the world.  Think about family, friends, lovers, teachers, you name it.  The people in life who really see YOU are a gift!  They don’t try to change you or persuade you to be other than exactly who you are.  For Ms. Thatcher, this support allowed her to accomplish great things in her life.

Today, I want you to take a minute and identify those people in your world who really see YOU…  then, go a step further and thank them for recognizing you and being a part of your journey in life.  Their support, whether silent or acknowledged can help you move mountains in the world.  ♥