How do you deal with anger?  It is a real emotion.  Angry babies cry.  Angry children hit each other.  What do angry adults do?

I mean, I can think of some examples.  Some angry adults are alcoholics.  They drink to subdue the anger inside them.  Instead of killing the anger, they kill slowly kill themselves.  Some angry adults drive angry.  They rage against the road and the other drivers. Their anger is then transferred to the road.  Some angry adults eat.  They chew and swallow their rage.  Conversely, some angry adults deny themselves food. They punish themselves instead of releasing that anger.  I could go on and on with this list.  There are so many ways to deny anger and none of them are healthy.

Anger is a part of the human condition, just like sadness, loneliness, joy, anxiety, happiness and a whole list of other emotions.  The problem with anger begins when you deny it.  Anger denied becomes depression and disease.  So, how do we engage anger in a healthy way?

I immediately  think of exercise.  Sometimes, if you can get your heart rate at just the right level, you will release the anger.  I also think of meditation.  In meditation, we see that anger is an emotion that is happening to us.  We do not have to own the anger.  We can see it as a cloud circling our bodies.  By sitting with anger, and observing it, rather than acting it out, we can watch it dissolve.

This is where I need your input.   We all need examples of ways to deal with anger.  I’d like to know what has worked for you in your life.  How do you resolve feelings of anger?  The less angry we become, the more joy we have to offer the world.  ♥