It’s that time of year again… You know, we all make these resolutions to get thin for the new year.  I can just hear millions of people around the country making this mental claim.  It all starts with the word Diet.

This is such a loaded topic.  The word diet, as a noun, is actually lovely. Your diet describes the food you take in to nourish your body.  Diet as a verb, takes on another meaning altogether….dieting has become a national pastime.  The weight loss industry produces billions of dollars for those who claim to make weight loss effortless.

Take it from me, I’ve tried most of those diets.  I think I’ve been on some kind of diet since I was a young girl.  The word diet, for me, is negative.  It takes on the weight of shame.  It sends a message that in some way you are not ok, by the standards of society.  The funny thing is, I can actually attest to the fact that diets are only temporary.  They do produce results, but these results are hard to maintain, as a diet doesn’t change your life.  In addition, dieting is not a cure-all for everything you think is wrong in your world.

So, for this year, I’m proposing a challenge.  Let’s resolve NOT to diet!  What if you resolve to change your lifestyle to better your health?  That means making small changes to your everyday routine that you can maintain across the course of your life.  This change is for YOU, not anyone else.  Make this resolution personal.  How do YOU want to feel, look, live?  YOU in your most healthy body and mind are worth it! ♥