Power is a word that commands attention…  People go to extraordinary lengths to gain and hold power.  We see examples of this all around us in everyday life.  I think of political parties, corporations, and media, as a few great examples of collective power.  What about your own personal power?  Personal power to me is so special.  Often times, we have no idea just how powerful we are as individuals.  We also don’t do a good job of harnessing this power to assist us in our lives.

Building power within yourself is both a journey and a relationship.  The relationship is the beginning of harnessing personal power.  It’s a relationship you have with yourself.  You identify activities and practices that give you strength.  I’m thinking both mental and physical strength.Physical strength is obvious.  Being strong in your body provides a good foundation for being strong in life.  Mental strength is a little tougher.  I think making difficult choices in life brings mental strength.  It’s so much easier to take the easy road, but every time you make a tough choice you become stronger.  Facing fears is also a way to gain mental strength.  Skirting an issue that causes fear, depletes your power.  As you gain these little victories, both mental and physical you are marking a trail on your journey.

The journey is personal to each individual.  You can also lose power along the road, but as long as you are honest with yourself, you will regain the power you lost and come back even stronger!  When you stand in the bounty of your own personal power, you are a force in the world.♥

What can you do to ignite and harness your personal power?  Get started!  It’s a relationship worthy of your time…