Happy New Year everyone!  The end of one year and the beginning of another are always so loaded with emotion.  Reflection on the events of the past year and the hopes for the year ahead are surrounding you.  Today I wanted to remind you to listen to the universe when it talks to you and to learn to recognize messages that are meant to help you along your journey in life…

Since I started this blog, I have been writing about events that are important to me and my journey.  What I see very clearly as I read through previous entries, is that the universe has been talking to me.  By “Universe”, I mean the higher power that connects us all on this earth.  You can define it in whatever way you choose.  For me, messages often come through complete strangers.  I’ll give you an example…

I was shoe shopping the other day.  I was trying on this ridiculously high pair of heels.  As soon as I put my foot in these shoes, this woman appeared around the corner.  She said how beautiful they looked on my feet.  I started laughing, as I knew that I could not walk to the corner in these shoes.  The shoes were a dream for me.  I turned to her and said, “they’re a dream, right”?  She laughed and turned to walk away.  This is where I got surprised by the universe.  For some reason, this woman turned around and came back to me, looked me straight in the eye and told me “dreams come true”!  She went on to tell me how many of the dreams she had for herself had come true in her life.  I was really humbled by this moment, as I needed to hear those words at this point in my life.  I thanked her and we shared a beautiful moment between total strangers.

The universe talks in other ways also.  It can be something in nature.  Something that keeps appearing to you outside, animals, trees, the sky…something on the sidewalk or in the air.  Remember the post I wrote about the butterfly?  How she appeared to me in the middle of all of the noise and traffic in NYC.  Your body sends messages to you as well.  Notice how your body feels when you are in different situations or around different people.  Your body is so smart and it is your greatest ally in life.   Being connected to these feelings and signals is a true asset in the quest for peace and health.

For 2012, I’m challenging all of you to be open to these messages and to take them in to your heart.  You may not always know the meaning of the message.  Others will be so direct that you cannot ignore them.  Just be patient and sit with these messages, they will make sense in time.   You will begin to become a navigator on your journey in life, with the universe and its messages, your trusted advisor.  ♥

Wishing you all the peace and love that you can hold in 2012!