I have been thinking a lot lately about decisions.  It seems life is full of decisions, the little ones and the big ones.  When the decision is big, we spend time with it; we “sleep on it”; we “mull it over”; we “discuss it” and on it goes.  What about the everyday decisions?  You know, the ones that we make each day, sometimes conscious, sometimes unconscious.

I’ll give you an example, if I know that I need to be a work at 8:30 each morning, and that my best shot at being on time is to leave an hour early, yet I still leave the house only 30 minutes early every day.  So, now I am rushed, stressed, aggravated, and generally not patient.  This little decision sets my day on a path of anxiety, rather than peace and timeliness.  By consciously or unconsciously deciding to leave the house only 30 minutes early, I affect my entire day.  This is the way it is with the everyday decision.  You think that it’s so small, this one time won’t matter…but repeatedly making these small decisions in a negative way can lead you down a destructive path.  

The little everyday decisions are just as important as the big decisions we make in life.  They are building something in your life.  Will it be something BIG or something small…it’s up to you.  ♥

How are you going to change your everyday decisions to affect your life in a BIG way?