The word miracle is so powerful.  I always think of miracles when it comes to medicine, or divine intervention.  You know, the man is dying of cancer and by some divine presence, he becomes well and continues his life.  Everyone around is awed by this glorious miracle, they appreciate life a little more.  Did you know that miracles can happen to the ordinary man or woman?  Yes, I’m talking about you!  I know this seems foreign, I mean, who are you to deserve a miracle?  Aren’t miracles for those who are really in need?  I’m here to tell you that everyday miracles are all around you.  Not only do you witness them in your life, but they can happen to you.

What does your miracle look like?  In your quiet moments, visualize your miracle.  Give it some color and life, as if you were creating a beautiful painting.  Once you’ve finished, marvel at what you’ve created.  Give it a prominent position in your mind.  Make it easy to access.  Ok, here it comes, expect your miracle…  Yes, I said it, expect your miracle.  I want you to stand in it, as if you were standing in a beautiful ray of sunlight on a summer afternoon.  You deserve your miracle.  Create it in your mind, treasure it with your thought, and when you recognize it in your life, stand in your miracle.  It’s coming.  ♥