So many books have been written about living in the present moment.  You can explore this concept from many different perspectives just by visiting your book store.  Everyone seems to have a different viewpoint on the method for living in the now.  I have a really hard time living in the now.  My schedule has me thinking so far ahead, that I completely disregard what’s happening right now.  So, I miss a lot of things.

For me, living in the now, means choosing to do less.  We’ve talked before about the schedules that run our lives.  Sometimes, I go through days where I am scheduled every hour until I go to bed.  This makes me crazy, and always leaves me anticipating what comes next.  I’ve come to appreciate the quiet moments in my life, because they allow me to be present.  I notice the little things that I might have missed, if I was working my schedule.

I always notice the beauty of nature, the leaves and flowers, the sky, the light as it changes through the day.  I also notice people, how they interact with each other.  I see them show love through action, by holding someone’s hand, giving a kiss, greeting with a hug.  When I experience these little glimpses of the now, I feel peaceful and loved by the universe, and also very present.  It reminds me of the gift that life truly is, if we only stop to experience it.  ♥

What is your method for living in the now?  How are you going to change your routine to experience more of it?