The other day I wrote about certain characteristics in people which define a sort of social currency in the dating world.  I considered these sets of characteristics to be commodities that have value and are used by society to determine worthiness.  These two posts, the one about currency and the other about worthiness, were very difficult to write.  First, because self-worth is something that so many people struggle with in their lives.  Second, because I believe that version of currency, or defining worthiness in terms of commodities appreciated by society, is outdated and doesn’t serve us anymore.  It’s time to create a new social currency!

It’s kind of exciting, isn’t it?  I mean, what if you just stepped into your now, and placed a high value on yourself as you are at this very moment.  It sounds like freedom to me.  So, what does the new social currency look like?  I think it’s defined less by what our outside looks like and more by what our inside does.  I think it takes into consideration, deep-seated attributes that define our character, but aren’t necessarily visible on first glance.  I’ll give you an example.  You know, when you spend an extended amount of time with someone, you begin to see how they are in the world.  You see them interact with others, not just friends and family, but the world.  Do they help someone across the street?  Do they offer assistance in the grocery store?  Do they inspire others to become more?  Do they throw trash on the street when they think no one is looking?  These are very basic examples, but you see the picture I’m painting.  You are going to have your own definition of these new “commodities”.  When you experience someone who, over time, shows you their true nature and it’s right for you, wow…   Basically, I’m telling you to define your own currency and declare your own value.  Use this new social currency to identify people who are truly rich in spirit and love.  They might be right under your nose!  

What does YOUR new social currency look like?