I was riding in a taxi the other morning, before the rush hour.  I decided to get an early start on my day so I could get my coffee time in before the craziness ensued.  I entered a cab in downtown Manhattan, near canal street.  (you know, where they sell the great knock off handbags!)  I was headed to midtown, where my first client is located.  I was in a grumpy mood.  I don’t know how I manage to wake up grumpy, but this was my mental state.

The driver began talking to me and I thought, oh geez, do I really have to engage with this man.  I just want to sit in this cab and sulk in my grumpiness and arrive at my destination.  He was really so charming and he began to tell me funny stories about New York city drivers.  I drive in the city quite a bit, so I was able to appreciate and enjoy his stories.  He had me laughing by the end of the ride and smiling.  This is when something quite unexpected happened.  I was getting ready to pay and he turned to me and said, “this ride is free today”.  The fare for this ride was $15.  I have lived in New York for 17 years, not one time has any driver ever offered a free ride!

I was really moved by his gift.  He was a simple man.  He was just starting his day and I know how hard these drivers have to work to make their money for the day.  This man was rich in spirit, that’s why he was able to give so freely this gift.  He taught me a lesson that day.  He showed me how important it is to recognize your fellow-man and to offer them gifts, as if they were a part of your own family.  It’s a universal love we can show for each other.  It makes us rich.  ♥

How are you going to share gifts with your fellow man?