I was working the other day with a group of my regular clients and we started talking about self-care rituals.  What I found so interesting about the conversation is that all these women of different ages and stages in life were describing the same kind of ritual.  You know what it was?  It was meditation or prayer, depending on your religious background.  They each took some private, quiet time at the end of each day to center themselves and meditate.  Most of them did this in bed, before they went to sleep.  It helped them regain some sense of inner peace and perspective on their day.

I thought this was a very beautiful moment.  I see people from all different walks of life on a regular basis, different cultures, races, religions, ages, sexual preferences…you name it.  What I saw was that we are all the same at our very core.  When you strip away all the layers of identity, we just want love and peace.  When we spend time creating this love and peace for ourselves, we can share it with others in our lives.  It’s a spillover effect.  Just like these wonderful ladies shared this moment with me, you can share yours in your world.  ♥

What kind of self-care ritual do you have in place to create peace in your heart?  If you don’t have one, this is a great time to start!