Worth is such a powerful word.  It applies to almost everything tangible and intangible that exists in our society today.  For example, what is your time worth, or your home, car, education, and the list continues…

What I want to examine today is our self-worth.  I know, its huge.  Self worth is tricky.   Many of us think self-worth is dependent on these layers of characteristics or assets.  I’m thinking of gorgeous hair, a PhD in biochemistry, a high salary, expensive clothes, etc.  These are like commodities in the game of worthiness.  The more you have, the higher your value in society.  Is this really what self-worth is about?  

I think of self-worth as a value you place on just being your authentic self, with no parameters.  You, in your original packaging, are all that is required to have self-worth, but do you see this?  I know some pretty amazing people who diminish themselves because they don’t think their “commodities” are up to the level.  Today I’m challenging you to see yourself as a valuable commodity.  You are WORTHY of all the beauty, love, and abundance that the universe has to offer. No ifs, ands or buts! ♥