I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and I touched on some of it in my post yesterday about commodities in the game of worthiness.  I have a theory about how society uses certain sets of physical, mental, and social commodities as a kind of currency, when it comes to dating. 

Let’s explore an example.  Take Jane, who is 5’11”, 120 lbs., has long dark hair, olive skin, is college educated, owns her own business, and comes from a wealthy family.  She would have a high commodity value.  In the financial market, she would be an in demand stock, in the dating world, we would call her a “catch”.

Now, let’s look at Joan, she is 5’6″, 175 lbs., has curly hair, freckles, did not go to college, works for the local supermarket, and has no parents.  Is her commodity value lower, than Jane? By all societal standards, the answer is yes, but is she really?  How does she know where she fits in the commodities structure?

I can even go a step further, let’s look at Diana.  She is 5’7″, 110 lbs., has shoulder length brown hair, lives at home with her parents, and is not college educated.  Is her commodity value higher than Joan because she is smaller and has longer hair?  Will she get more dates because of these qualities, even though she is living at home?  I mean this is all just theory talking.  I want your opinion on this.  Let’s get the discussion going.

How have you experienced the commodities market?  How do you compare yourself to others when entering the dating pool?  Do you let this assigned value determine your worthiness?  I am here to tell you again, you in your most authentic form are the highest commodity value.  Don’t let society determine where you fall in the market.  Rate yourself A+.♥