I had the pleasure of attending a women’s healing circle on Friday night.  We met to share fellowship and gather strength from each other as we enter the holiday season.  The guest speaker for the night was a student of Buddhism and teaches meditation to the community.  She gave us many insights and tools for coping with our holiday schedules and relationships.  It was a wonderful night where complete strangers came to know each other as friends by gathering in a circle and sharing our thoughts about life.  

One of the most powerful meditations we practiced that night was to see each other not just as women, but to see each other as the light of the universe, in the form of a woman.  So, through the meditation, we gazed around the circle, acknowledging this light in each other.  It was so beautiful and moving.

I started to think about what it would be like to look for this light in each person you encounter through your day.  What kind of vision do you need to be able to see this light?  I don’t think its anything special.  It’s just a practice of looking for the beauty and light in someone before you see the other stuff.  You are recognizing something in them that comes from a much deeper place.  When you acknowledge this light in them, you see that the two of you are really connected by the same source.  It’s a great experiment.  In this way, we see that we are all brothers and sisters of a larger universal family.  ♥

Try this experiment for yourself.  How does it make you feel to see this beautiful light in a total stranger?  What kind of light do you see in yourself?