Yesterday as I was rushing down the sidewalk to meet a friend for lunch, I noticed my shadow!  I had my iphone in hand and was taking photos of the leaves.  They are finally changing colors and I was happy to see them in all their glory.  Seeing my shadow on the sidewalk made me think about what our shadows say about us.  Obviously, they change in different clothing, light, and actions, but what can you determine about yourself from investigating your shadow…

So, looking at the shadow you see here, what do you think about this woman?  I was immediately struck by her foundation.  It is broad and strong.  She is sturdy.  She looks as if she could easily withstand a hurricane or earthquake.  Her handbag is also big!  She must be carrying the world in that thing.  It also looks like she is prepared.  You just know that inside this bag there is bound to be anything required to remedy a crisis.  Her arms are strong.  They are not only carrying this giant bag, but they are propelling her forward in life.  They are “can do” arms, capable and trustworthy.  Last, I see her head and hair.  It has movement.  One side seems to be flying backward in the breeze, while the other side is seductively curling under.  She is relaxed in the breeze and feminine at the same time.

Going a step further, I realize that I have just described myself and it makes me laugh!  It am absolutely sturdy.  My frame is built to withstand storms.  I always carry the biggest handbag.  It does contain everything under the sun.  It supplies me and anyone around with life’s little necessities.  My arms are also strong and capable.  Believe me, many times I’ve asked why do I have such big arms…now I know that they are what’s pushing me forward in life.  Finally, the head is absolutely me.  I am feminine and I do appreciate the carefree moments in life.  Who knew we could gain so much insight just by examining our shadows!

What kind of shadow do you cast?  Try this experiment with your own shadow, you can give me the details later.  What do you see? ♥