I heard someone say the other day that love is all around you.  I’m thinking to myself, what does he mean?  Where is the love?  What does it look like?  Why do I have such a hard time seeing it?  I was looking for my idea of love.  You know, the image I have in my mind of what love looks like.  But, what does love ACTUALLY look like?

Love is about connection. It’s not just the connection between two people in love.  It is an energy that is passed from one person to another, it’s a feeling.  For me, love feels warm and peaceful.  It’s like looking at a great painting, it always makes me stop and take a breath.  Love can be small.  Its movement is delicate and unspoken.  Look for the action that love generates.  When a mother holds her child’s hand… When a friend greets you with a hug…  When your spouse gives you his coat because you are cold…  You see that love really is all around us.

Love isn’t just for the people you know, it’s there for your fellow-man.  Love can pass between strangers on the street.  I once saw an older man fall while walking along the river in downtown Manhattan.  It was dark and his knees were bad and he literally could not get up.  A younger man, turned and saw what had happened, then quickly picked up the fallen man and set him on his way.  That was love in action.  It was very beautiful to see.  I couldn’t help thinking, that we are all here for each other in life, just at different stages.

Practice looking for the love around you in the world.  Let me know what you see.  You will be surprised at how rich your world is with love. ♥