Ok, now I’m really thinking…for the past two days I’ve written about counting friends, love, health, etc. as assets in the bank account of life.  The spiritual bank account has as much or more value in your life than the financial one.  You know how we are all always wishing we had a bigger paycheck, car, house, computer, wardrobe….  What about the other bank account?  What about wishing for more love or better health?  Even more radical, what about being peaceful and happy with exactly where you are and what you have in your life AND recognizing that these things have tremendous value?

I am challenging you to make an inventory of your spiritual bank account.  You know, like a list of assets and liabilities that you would provide your accountant for a financial analysis.  I want you to get into the details of this list.  Of course you will list your loves, your friends, your home, etc., but I also want you to list the minute details that make your life rich.  For me, I’m thinking immediately of the flowers on my patio, my favorite sweatshirt, a hot shower at the end of the day.  These things will all be in the assets column.  Now, make another column for liabilities.  This will probably be a little harder.  What things, people or situations in your life deplete your spirit?

Once you have made your columns, do a mental tally.  The obvious conclusion is that the asset column should out weigh the liability column.  The difference between the two columns is up to you.  Maybe you are ok with a 50/50 ratio.  Maybe you have an 80/20 ratio.  Maybe your ratio is 30/70.  The point is, you are defining your spiritual wealth.  You will probably be surprised at just how wealthy you are!  Even better, you can make adjustments in your life to change the percentage.  Wow, this is very liberating.  All this time, I have been overlooking the real wealth in my life searching for a bigger house and more income.  I am actually humbled by this experiment.

How does your spiritual bank account look?  Are you already a  millionaire?  I bet you aren’t far from it…