Yesterday’s blog post about the value of a good friend got me thinking…what does it really mean to be wealthy?  In case you didn’t read the post from yesterday, I spoke about considering good friends as assets in the bank account of life.  Today I was thinking about the definition of wealth.  The dictionary defines it as “abundance of valuable material possessions or resources”.  We are all trying to make sure there is a big pot of gold at the end of our lives, but is that really what you want to be defined by, material possessions?  What if we defined wealth in a different way? 

The first thing that comes to mind is love.  A wealthy man or woman is surely surrounded by love.  This love comes from a variety of sources, family, friends, pets, community, etc.

Second, I think of health.  Anyone who has ever suffered a serious illness knows the value of health.  It can’t be replaced, you can’t buy health, you can only repair it.

The third thing that comes to mind is a home.  Some where you can recharge your batteries.  A warm bed for rest, a kitchen window for daydreaming, a little garden for growing things, etc.

Fourth I’m thinking of our deeds and actions in life.  The times when you comforted someone, or you inspired someone.  Maybe you fostered a child, or a dog.  You might have been a volunteer at your charity or church.  These actions are not only for people you know, but for those who are strangers as well.  Did you help someone who was down, either physically or spiritually?  You see my point.

I’m sure this list could continue.  You probably have your own list.  What I want you to see is that a man or woman who has material wealth, may not be considered “wealthy”, because they have no love, or health, or they have negative deeds.  Start thinking about your spiritual bank account.  How would you fill it?  Share your ideas with me.♥