They say if you have one true friend in life, consider yourself blessed.  Friend relationships are no different from relationships with your significant other, they take care and nurturing.  Friends often times can provide you with support and love in a different way from your spouse or family.  They are able to see the whole picture of you and your life, as an outsider.  Their feedback and guidance provides fresh perspective.  They are also likely to recognize when you just need someone to listen or to have fun with.

I have been truly blessed in my life to have many good friends.  I have met them in a variety of ways and at different stages of my life.  They almost always carry messages for me about life.   Some of them were with me for long periods of time and then our lives changed and we don’t see each other as often.  It doesn’t change the value I have for their friendship.  I know that at any time, no matter where each of us are in life, I can reach out to them.  When we talk it will be as if no time has passed.  The value of a good friend is measured in loyalty and love, and is not easily replaced.  Count your good friends as assets in the bank account of life.