The earth,  it sounds so scientific, doesn’t it?  It reminds me of science class in grade school where we studied the planets and solar systems.  All these concepts seemed so foreign to me, fascinating, but really foreign and far away.  As I evolve,  I see more and more clearly, the beauty and abundant gift that is mother earth.  She gives us life.  

I am from Iowa, and although I was not a farmer, my parents were farmers as youngsters.  They have what I call “nature language”.  I remember being on a walk with my Mom one afternoon as a girl.  We were walking by a field of some kind and she saw some mint growing next to the fence.  She walked right over and picked a leaf and we both smelled and tasted it.  I was a little scared, I mean she was trying to feed me grass!  After I tasted it, I was amazed.  I remember that day as if it was yesterday.  My father too has the most amazing connection with nature.  He is especially gifted with animals.  They seem to be drawn to him.  Again, it’s like a special language.

Our relationship with mother earth is so scared and life affirming.   I am always amazed and delighted when my planted seeds turn into tomatoes or roses.  We often don’t spend time in nature, we are so involved in our phones, computers and televisions, our connection is dimmed.  The connection may be dimmed, but you can renew it just by taking a few minutes to walk in the park.   I am making a point to physically connect with nature in the midst of my urban life.  Today, I’m taking a minute to give thanks for our mother earth and all her abundance. ♥