This is from the Bible of course, but I’m from Iowa and we have a lot of pig sayings!  PIG-isms…  My favorite is “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”.  For those of you not familiar with livestock, a sow is an adult female swine.  I’m not sure why pigs get a bad rap in the world.  I mean, they provide us with bacon, and for all you bacon lovers, I don’t need to say more.  Anyway, I’m going off topic.  Today I’m using swine to describe people who are unworthy of your attention, your charms, your knowledge, your beauty, etc.

I’m going to go right to it, this is my opinion and I welcome others… Why do women sleep with men they have just met?  I know the sexual revolution happened.  We all found out how great it was to love one another, literally.  I feel your body is your biggest pearl.  It’s probably a whole strand of pearls, maybe an entire ocean of pearls.  So, following this logic, are you going to share the most precious pearl you have with someone you don’t know much about?  I see you all as perfect pearls within yourselves, as women.  So, when you are trying to welcome love into your life, wouldn’t you want to make sure the man DESERVED this pearl?

Ok, I’m ready for criticism on this topic.  I know there are times when we all need some sexual healing, as Marvin Gaye says.  I just want to say, that if you are sincerely looking for someone special, and you want to build something with them, you need to make sure they deserve the pearl that is you.  Don’t throw that precious pearl before someone who might be swine!

Ok, people, I’m open for discussion on this one…Let me hear your thoughts

P.S. I just thought of another pig saying…”If you run with the hogs, you’re going to start to smell like them”.  We can discuss that at a later time.