I have been watching the HBO special about George Harrison of the Beatles.  It is so fascinating to see all these little snippets of music and history throughout this film.  It’s in two parts and I have only seen the first part, but I am looking forward to the second.   I am not a child of the Beatles era, but we all are exposed to their legacy and music, no matter what your generation. One thing in the documentary specifically caught my attention.  He spoke of being wealthy at an early age, basically the material world was at his finger tips.  You would think, surely this would bring peace and contentment, I mean especially at his level!  He said no, this wasn’t  IT!  So he kept searching.  From my perspective, this is where his life really began to get interesting, because he went beyond all of that fame and wealth to seek something more.  I identified with many of the things that George had to say about his spiritual journey and following a path in life.  He was a seeker.  His story is a beautiful one.

You don’t have to be famous to be a seeker.  To me, a seeker is someone who is looking for meaning in life and is open to seeing the world and its intricacies without the blinders of society, culture and religion.   I didn’t have any idea what a seeker was in my earlier life, I just knew I had a lot of questions and ideas.  There aren’t really any concrete answers to these questions.  They are intended to provoke thought and push your mind beyond its limits.  I think this is why I left my home state and started traveling, looking for answers.  The more I expand and explore, the more I realize I don’t know about myself and about the world.  I just keep moving forward, guided by the next question.

We all spend so much time working and planning for wealth and material comfort, but is that what life is really about?  I’m starting to think NO.  A beautiful life is yours for the taking and it doesn’t come from a paycheck or a new car.  It comes from your journey and your questions.   Keep asking and keep looking…see what unfolds. ♥