Yesterday, Steve Jobs of Apple computer fame, passed away from pancreatic cancer.  It was such a sad day for the world, as he was an innovator, American style.  His passion for his work was contagious and he left the world forever changed.  I remember the first time I saw his presentation about the iPhone.  He was on fire with enthusiasm for his new product and so proud to show the world.

He gave a speech in 2005 to the students at Stanford University on their graduation.  It was such a wonderful speech because he spoke of what it meant for him to live his life authentically, from a place of instinct.  He spoke of connecting the dots in your life, backward, not forward.  By trusting your instinct or intuition, you are following your own true path in life.  Things you do today may not make sense, but if you are drawn to them, keep going.  Later, as you look back, you will be able to see that you have been guided to a place that you might not have dreamed of, but is exactly where you are supposed to be!  I know this is true for my own life.  Experiences I had early on have prepared me for what I am doing today.  I call it taking steps in the dark.

I am challenging you to get in touch with your instinct or inner voice.  It’s different for everyone, but you can start by just being quiet and taking some deep breaths.  Let go of the chatter in your head and see what appears.  You might be surprised. 🙂  When that voice appears, are you going to listen?  It might not say what you want to hear.  If you trust it and act, great things can happen!  Live your own life and make it beautiful.♥

P.S.Here is the link for the speech…