Working in the fashion industry, I am a serious people watcher.  I mostly watch what other women are wearing.  I then give my silent stamp of approval or rejection.  I see a lot of variety in apparel, especially on 7th Avenue in Manhattan.  There have been days where I was astonished by what some women (and men) are wearing.  It wasn’t their interpretation of fashion that stopped me cold, it was the directness of their nonverbal communication through dress.

Let me say it again, these women were directly communicating with the world by way of clothing and it was powerful!  Am I just late to the party?   This communication can be an aside or an exclamation point!  It can be calculated or subconscious.  If I’m being honest, I dress to please myself and to acquire the respect of my fellow fashionistas.  It rarely occurs to me that I might choose to dress in a way that attracts the opposite sex.  I’m actually embarrassed to admit that, since I’m a woman in my 40’s and all.

Since my eureka moment, I have noticed what men find attractive, in terms of clothing, is surprisingly different from what one would expect.  Next time you are getting ready for a night out, ask your husband or boyfriend to select your outfit.  Let’s call this the “boyfriend experiment”… Once you are wearing this outfit, how do you feel in it?  Ask him what he likes about you in this outfit.  Of course you are going to have to actually wear the outfit!  After the night is over, take a moment to reflect on your experiment.  What did you learn?  Try to see yourself through a different lens.

Do you dress differently if you are trying to impress, seduce, or attract a man?  How so?  I’m dying for your input…