Inspiration is really a powerful and magical thing, it creates action.  People who are inspired by someone or something move forward along their path.  Inspired people take risks and make decisions that most people would not.  So today, I want to talk about what inspires you?

I am inspired by many things, but mostly nature.  I see the beauty of the earth all around me.  The sky is a great example of inspiration in nature, because its always changing.  The sky can be sunny and blue one minute and cloudy and dark the next.  This reminds me that life too is constantly changing and that we are adapting all the time.  Something I’ve become more aware of lately is that beauty exists in the dark and gloomy, as well as, the bright and sunny.  Next time a big storm approaches, take a look at the sky.  Notice the clouds and colors just before the storm, you might just find it beautiful!

People are also a great source of inspiration.  I am a lover of the underdog, someone who overcomes obstacles to succeed where others have failed.  What I like most about overcoming obstacle stories, is the power of the human spirit.  People who come through difficult times are tapping in to an inner reserve.  Its something we all have, but it ignites when challenges appear.  I’ve seen some pretty amazing come back stories in many of the people I love.  I know how strong these spirits have grown.  Take a moment to think about people around you who have overcome an obstacle, how have they changed?  How has their presence in your life changed you?

Finally, a last word, how do you inspire others?