Body Love, its huge, and may take several hundreds of posts to examine thoroughly, but let’s start with this one!

Today, I’m talking about the genuine love and respect you have for your body.  Hopefully, you realize that you have a body, and that you are not just a head roaming loose in the world.  🙂  I think I’ve spent most of my life as a roaming head!  Lately, I’m really exploring what it means to love and respect my body.

For me, loving my body is huge because it feeds, houses and clothes me, literally.  I make my living off of my body.  You know what, I rarely put it high on the priority list.  Instead, I demand from it every day the absolute maximum with no exceptions.  When I’m tired, I drink more caffeine.  I wear high heels, even when my feet hurt.  If I feel sick, I become impatient with the healing process.  I eat tortilla chips for dinner, a lot!  You get the picture.

Real body love means putting it number one on the list. ♥ It means recognizing that the body is not unlimited.  It needs gratitude, praise, attention, rest, pampering, exercise, play, knowledge, joy, nutrition, healing, and the list goes on.

How are you going to start a love affair with your body?