Jill Scott tells it like it is…some of them want to break you down, steal your crown, use and abuse you….are you going to let them?

I was thinking this week, why are women so vicious in the business world?  I see regular occurrences of women who use their position and power to control others.  It never turns out good for them in the end.  The very people they are trying to control and use, end up turning on them.

What would it be like to help other women polish their crowns and empower them?  How would our world change?  I think we could accomplish even MORE and we could EMPOWER each other, rather than use each other…  Positive energy is contagious.  We all benefit.

We all have a crown.  It’s the crown you are given in life.  Its yours alone, no one else has this crown.  It’s what  makes you, U!  When you come from a place of love and acceptance, your crown is secure.  Those that try to knock you down or use you have no chance…♥