The other day I was in Macy’s looking at all of the fall clothing that was beginning to appear in the store.  I visit the plus department on a regular basis to see how the clothes that we develop every day actually look in the store.  While I am doing my research, I observe the women who shop this department.

On this particular day, I saw three young women looking around the floor.  Two of them were probably size 6 or 8, their friend was size 16, and she was gorgeous!  Her friends were picking up clothes for her to try on.  Generally, they were all having a good time.  I saw them again in the fitting room.  They were discussing which items looked best on their friend.  She looked great in everything.  The friends agreed.

I want these young women to be able to shop together.  I want the size 6, 8, and 16 to browse the same racks.  I want them to take their respective sizes to the dressing room and try them on together.  I want this to happen in my lifetime, because separation based on size is not the answer.  Labels, such as plus size or petite, tall, short, half-size, super size, and everything else are just excess small talk.  WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL and variety is the spice of life.  Let’s make this happen together, by embracing and celebrating each other in our differences…