Problems plague all of us in life.  We just get with the “flow”, when another crisis arises to side track our best intentions.  This happens in every area of life.  I like to call it the “fly in the ointment” syndrome.  You know, there is ALWAYS a fly in the ointment!

I was looking at furniture with my friend Terrance today and he said “problems are opportunities”.  He was referring to a piece of furniture, but the phrase immediately struck me as global.  In fashion, we call this a happy accident.  Sometimes a design is produced incorrectly, but some how comes out better than planned.  It can often become a best seller and leaves everyone scratching their heads.

How many times in your life have you been presented with a problem that drowns you?  Instead try looking for the opportunity that is surrounding your problem.  It could lead you in a new and better direction.  Trust yourself and follow that new direction…