Some friends and I were talking about shopping the other day.  Someone had gotten a new pair of sandals from T.J.Maxx.  She was diminishing the value of her purchase because they were from this discount retailer.  We often associate good design with high-end labels.  Everyone rushes to purchase the newest Designer handbag each season, no matter what the price.  While it is true that these labels have experts behind the label bringing you their best creations, good design is not exclusive to high price tags.

Good design is available to all of us, at every price.  The trick is to recognize what makes something good.  I look at shapes, fabric and color.  Does the color look like it exists in nature?  It’s easier to wear these colors.  The fabric is also key.  Is it comfortable on the body?  Does it mold to your shape without bringing out your flaws?  Finally, what is the shape?  Is it a classic style that you will have for years?  If it’s trendy, does it wear you, or are YOU wearing it?  All these things go into making something fantastic.

Next time you are shopping, whether it’s at Neiman Marcus or Target, try looking for good design at any price.