Some days are just doomed from the start.  You wake up grumpy, miss your train, or the car won’t start, or you forgot your umbrella, or your phone goes dead.  We all have these days.  Some days we wake up and our bodies are not as they were the day before.  You try on your favorite jeans and they are TIGHT!  Now you are really grumpy!

Shoes always fit!  I have a great shoe collection for this reason.  The shoes not only can make the outfit, but they can be the outfit.  Add in a great pedicure and you look like  a million dollars.  Even when you don’t feel that way.  Today, I’m giving love to the reliable and beautiful shoe and the power they have to rescue a bad day.  Here’s an example of my current favorite.

What shoes do you have that pick up your spirit?  If you can’t think of a pair immediately, get some!